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  • How to avoid problems before, during and after your plane journey   By : Will Smith
    The article is about problems associated with air travel. You can also get lots of tips and information on health, yoga, tai chi, meditation and fitness.
  • Teaching Hatha Yoga: Should a Yoga Teacher be a Vegetarian?  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    If you teach Yoga, should you be a vegan? Are dairy foods and eggs okay? What about goats, chicken, or fish? Yes, some Yoga teachers do eat goat, but not beef. Some people still claim that fish feel no pain, but I never heard that from a Yogi.
  • Designing a Plan to Become a Yoga Teacher (Part 2)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    While you are at it, make sure that you are calling a Yoga teacher training center and not a "diploma house." If they certify everything from pet sitting to web design, what do you think they really know about teaching Yoga?
  • Teaching Hatha Yoga: Religion and Western Culture  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Some Gurus preach that Yoga should be founded within a particular religion. Some Yoga teachers read the Rig Veda, Bhagavad Gita, and speak Sanskrit words, so they must be covertly teaching Hinduism, or some other religion, right?
  • Ustraasana - The Camel Pose  By : Kevin Pederson
    Yoga - which means 'to unite' in Sanskrit - is an ancient Indian system of health and fitness. Widely considered as one of the best methods to achieving holistic health, fitness and battling stress.
  • How to Teach Yoga in the Corporate Marketplace (Part 2)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    This prepares you when you talk to the public about what you do. To state: "I teach Yoga classes," is not enough of an explanation - if the person you talk to has a mental picture of Yoga as just a bunch of pretzel poses, displayed by show-offs.
  • Marjaraasana - For Sound Physical And Mental Health  By : Kevin Pederson
    Yoga today is all the rage. It is a subject that excites people's curiosity and enjoys much popularity. This is especially so since the asanas (exercises) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) that owe their origins to ancient Indian wisdom have proved beneficial in promoting holistic health and mental peace as also in developing personality
  • Dandayamana Dhanurasana Yoga Asana Benefits  By : Kevin Pederson
    Dandayamana Dhanurasana is also known as Standing Bow Pulling Pose. It tries to inculcate a sense of balance in you. As it develops your balance it also brings out your level for patience. Concentration increases and so does your persistence.
  • Pilates - A Complete Mind and Body Experience  By : Charles Kassotis
    An introduction to the origin and many health and mental benefits of Pilates.
  • Protecting Your Yoga Teaching Business  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    When or if, you want to become a Yoga teacher - would you be thinking of litigation and Yoga? The old saying, "the truth hurts," applies to legality, ethics, and teaching Yoga. You can always "bury your head in the sand" and hope that you are never involved in a legal battle. After all, what kind of a student would sue his or her Yoga teacher?
  • What to Look for When Hiring a Yoga Teacher (Part 2)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    The best selection is a Yoga teacher with a balance of all these factors. The one dimensional Yoga teacher is not an optimum fit for any organization. Within this current climate of liability suits, safety is the most important factor of all.
  • Facts About Yoga Business Coaching Services  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    There was a time when the use of the words, 'Yoga' and 'business,' in the same sentence, would have been considered 'shameful.' However, when you have a Yoga studio, pay for a lease, advertising, insurance, utilities, and more - you know this is serious business. Whether you own a Yoga studio, or are an independent contractor, your money is 'on the line,' and possibly your life savings.
  • The Journey from Back Pain to Yoga Class  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Why are doctors referring their patients, who have chronic back pain, to Yoga classes? How many studies have been conducted on back pain and Yoga? Is Yoga a "cure all" for back pain? What kind of Yoga class is best for back pain? Let's look at all of these issues and see if we can clear up some answers.
  • Yoga in Practice: Ten Solutions for Depressed Yoga Students (Part 3)  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Within Yoga are many facets, but all of them lead to good health. A Yoga student who practices "once in a while," is better off than never having practiced at all, but should not expect to see significant results. This is why Yoga teachers have to tell their students the truth about expectations.
  • Using Yoga to find Inner Peace  By : Rene Graeber
    Yoga has been around for centuries to help people that suffer with mental, physical and chemical related issues. Most people that suffering pain from mental or physical anguish find it difficult to reach their state of inner peace, while others never find it at all.
  • Yama and Niyama in Yoga  By : Kevin Pederson
    Yoga defines yama and niyama as the positive and negative aspects of behaviour respectively. Traditional texts mention ten yamas and ten niyamas but Patanjali's Yogasutra, which is considered the original treatise on yoga, defines five yamas and five niyamas.
  • Mudras For Good Health  By : Kevin Pederson
    We present some brilliant, very effective and simple mudras, which you can practice anytime and anywhere:
  • Points To Be Followed Before Learning Yoga  By : Kevin Pederson
    Once you have decided to practice yoga for better living and spiritual health, you need to take care of the following points so as to prevent injuries to your physical self:
  • Yoga Teachers Lead by Example - Part 1  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    During the course of a lifetime, most of us have heard the saying," Do as I say, not as I do." We see this kind of leadership everywhere we go. All politicians, religious leaders, police, sports professionals, parents, academic teachers, and Yoga teachers, lead by example, even if the example displayed is not a good one.
  • Facts About Giving to Charity  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    In order for nature, and the universe, to flow in harmony, we should all regularly give to charities, whenever it is possible to help someone in need. This is practicing Yoga "off the mat."
  • Yoga Teacher Certification for the Rich and Famous  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    There are cost-effective, and less expensive solutions, to learn to teach Yoga by becoming a certified Yoga instructor, without the cost of an "arm and a leg."
  • Yoga Teachers Lead by Example - Part 2  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    It is a shame that proper behavior, respect, and ethics do not make great headlines in the newspapers. Just watch the news, and read the newspaper for a week, to confirm what makes "good copy." It will not take long for you to find a dozen, or dozens, of scandals.
  • Yoga in Practice: Projecting Happiness  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    We are all human, living life with its many "ups and downs," but how can we keep our spirits up in difficult times? Projecting happiness is free and does not require a lot of money. Here are some ideas that will help you to be happier, and hopefully, more worry free.
  • How to Become a Successful Yoga Teacher  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    A balanced approach to physical, mental, spiritual, influential, and monetary success is easier for most of us to live with. Let's take a look at the five successes and see how you can build on them, help others, and live the best life you can.
  • Yoga in Practice: Living in the Present Moment  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    When one of us decides to pursue the study of Yoga, we find ourselves living and learning Yoga every day. On or off the mat, Yoga students can apply their practice to the many lessons life has to offer. The result of all this learning, and applying Yogic principles to life, is a major leap in self-improvement.
  • The Link between Yoga, Mindfulness, and Weight Loss - Part 2  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Your inner self or self is sometimes called "atman" or "jiva." This is the "creature" imprisoned within all of us. We all enjoy eating and want to savor every earthly pleasure to its fullest, but mindfulness makes us aware of much more than consumption of food and earthly pleasures. Therefore, mindfulness can be a natural dieting tool at mealtime.
  • Five Reasons Why You Should Not be a Yoga Teacher  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    Truthfully, there are no reasons why any of us cannot be, or do, what we want, as long as you are not hurting anyone. You should always strive to be the best you can be. However, you may find that many people create obstacles, in front of themselves, to avoid success.
  • Tap Into the Power of Yoga for Mind and Body Fitness  By : Wendy Wood
    Combining breath control, balance and stretching, practicing Yoga is a great way to enhance flexibility, posture and muscle tone. There are many options available in Yoga-based workouts, from those designed for stress release to more strenuous workouts intended to supplement weight loss.
  • Guide To Yoga Supplies And Props  By : Rebecca Prescott
    Do you really need to go out and buy yoga supplies? Learn why props were introduced, an overview of the different ones available, and what they tend to be used for.
  • What is Metodo Pilates?  By : Chris Kennelly
    It is invariably undeniable that one of the most popular and sought-after exercises nowadays is pilates. In fact, this exercise has become a common household name, pushing back to ten years ago. Before, it started as a routine mainly composed of body movements that promote agility, proper body coordination, leaner muscles, and flexibility, among others.
  • Why Zen Yoga Poses Can Improve Your Health  By : Rebecca Prescott
    Zen yoga is very different in attitude and experience to traditional Indian yoga. Like tai chi, it is very gentle, and well suited to helping people prevent ill health. Learn about the principles it is based on, and a basic guide on finding the best zen poses for each individual.
  • Tips For Choosing Yoga Training Courses  By : Rebecca Prescott
    The plethora of yoga training available makes it confusing for prospective students to choose one that will meet their needs, as well as provide a good foundation for teaching when they are qualified. Learn more here.
  • Yoga Equipment - Beyond Your Body  By : Matthew Hick
    When it comes to practicing yoga, your body is actually the number one piece of equipment that you will need.
  • Yoga Can Be Intimidating - First Time Experiences  By : Matthew Hick
    If you are very nervous about taking a yoga class for the first time, you should not despair.
  • Health Benefits of Yoga - Mind and Body  By : Matthew Hick
    If you practice yoga, then you know that it allows the mind to work together with the body to promote healing and well-being. Yoga can do wonders for a body that is in good or bad shape.
  • Yoga and Children - Increasingly Popular  By : Matthew Hick
    If you thought yoga was just for adults, you need to think again.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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