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  • Choosing a Versatile Wedding DJ  By : Kenneth G
    In addition to the obvious requirements when hiring a dj, such as proof of liability insurance, business license, ownership of professional, name brand equipment, and the like, just as significant is the dj's level of versatility. His ability to handle crowds that are both diverse in age and ethnicity are critical to the success of many of today's wedding receptions.
  • 4 Ideas for Unique Wedding Favors  By : Christine Harrell
    The most unique wedding favors will engage the senses of your guests and recreate the festivities of your special day. Here we'll take at five of the hottest wedding favor ideas for 2006.
  • Wedding Favors For Themed Weddings  By : Bonnie Ray
    Are you having a themed wedding? Themed wedding favors are available for most any theme you choose. You'll find some suggestions in this article.
  • The Hidden Purposes Of Wedding Ceremonies - Part 1: The Family  By : Kathy Ball
    The wedding ceremony actually contains three hidden purposes that lay the foundation for a successful and long-lasting marriage. Read one couple's story of how an understanding of these hidden purposes changed the way they planned their wedding. (part 1 of 3)
  • The Hidden Purposes Of Wedding Ceremonies - Part 3: The Mystery  By : Kathy Ball
    The wedding ceremony actually contains three hidden purposes that lay the foundation for a successful and long-lasting marriage. Read one couple's story of how an understanding of these hidden purposes changed the way they planned their wedding. (part 3 of 3)
  • The Hidden Purposes Of Wedding Ceremonies - Part 2: The Wedding Vows  By : Kathy Ball
    The wedding ceremony actually contains three hidden purposes that lay the foundation for a successful and long-lasting marriage. Read one couple's story of how an understanding of these hidden purposes changed the way they planned their wedding.
    (part 2 of 3)
  • How to Look Perfect For Your Wedding Day?  By : Nazir Hussain
    Looking your best depends on various factors; exercise, good diet and regular sleeping routine. But, the best method is plastic Surgery. This article is about one couple who had extensive surgery performed to improve their looks for their wedding.
  • Relax! Buying Wedding Flowers Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare  By : Bonnie Ray
    After you've set the date for your wedding and bought the gown it's time to make some decisions. Now it's time to choose your wedding flowers.
  • The Language of Flowers  By : Bonnie Ray
    Aside from simply looking beautiful, bridal bouquets can have a story of their own. Since the days of Queen Victoria, flowers have had their own language.
  • Unity Candles for your Sacred Union  By : Dave Poon
    Visualize weddings as like a jigsaw puzzle of traditions. Everyone has their own customs they bring from their family and culture. When a man and woman decide to marry, they each bring a piece of the puzzle to create a unique tradition of their own.
  • Choosing Appropriate Flower Girl Jewelry  By : Dave Poon
    Your flower girl is a precious part of the ceremony. Let her know how thrilled you are to have her as part of your wedding party with a gift of flower girl jewelry. She may seem to have an easy job of sprinkling flower petals down the aisle for your walk to the altar.
  • The Many Sides of Flowers  By : Bonnie Ray
    flowers are used to celebrate life; the end of a life and the beginning of a couple's life together. Flowers send many different messages for all sorts of different occasions.
  • How to Create a Wedding and Honeymoon Gift Basket  By : Bonnie Ray
    Help the newly engaged couple with their wedding expenses by giving them a gift of small useful items used in a wedding, at the reception or on their honeymoon.
  • The Oohs and Ahhs Factor  By : Bonnie Ray
    Second only to watching the bride come down the aisle is the delightful treat of watching the flower girl or girls precede her.
  • Great Ideas for Ringbearer Gifts  By : Dave Poon
    Whether he is knee high to a grasshopper or already a little league slugger, your ringbearer will think he is "one of the guys," thanks to the responsibility of carrying your wedding rings to the front of the altar on your wedding day. Why not commemorate the occasion by choosing among a selection of ringbearer gifts readily available in stores today?
  • Age Old Wedding Traditions  By : Bonnie Ray
    Most everyone is familiar with the saying, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." It's like a mantra that bride's say as they check off the list.
  • Bridal Jewelry to Wear Again and Again  By : Dave Poon
    You want your bridal jewelry to make an impression, while not interfering with the "wow factor" of the wedding gown. For some brides, their bridal jewelry exists to be worn at their wedding. Then it goes into the jewelry box or safe to never be worn again. That is just not right!
  • Wedding Flowers for Blended Families  By : Bonnie Ray
    Challenges and ideas for second marriages and ways to help blend the two families together.
  • The Basics of Bridesmaid Gifts  By : Dave Poon
    Bridesmaids can have tough jobs. They counsel the bride. They help with wedding plans. Hand holding and emotional support is another bridesmaid duty. Basically bride-to-be, your bridesmaids are your right hand during this whole wedding process. What better time to express your appreciation than with bridesmaid gifts!
  • What Happens in an American Wedding  By : Lloyd Leiderman
    Here are some of the many common elements that surround American weddings. Notwithstanding, variety is the most common of all.
  • Need Groomsmen Gift Ideas Right Now?  By : Dave Poon
    So you are getting hitched huh? Congratulations! No doubt you are ready for the big day to be over with, meaning no more wedding decisions to dwell on. Well, you do have one important decision to take care of and that is making your mind up on some groomsmen gift ideas.
  • Seasonal Weddings  By : Bonnie Ray
    Suggestions for choosing the right wedding flowers for the season of your wedding.
  • A Non-Traditional Wedding  By : Bonnie Ray
    Traditional? Not you. Here's how to have the non traditional wedding of your dreams.
  • Choosing a Bridal Bouquet  By : Bonnie Ray
    Choosing your bridal bouquet depends on many factors. The type of wedding, your body type, the season, your color scheme and even the style of wedding gown you choose.
  • Getting Your Wedding Prep List Ready  By : Jessica Deets
    You've met the right person to marry. This is the time to plan the perfect wedding. Wedding planning may be stressful and upsetting at times because you to make things perfect. All it requires is a little communication and patience while you make what seems like a never-ending list of choices and decisions.
  • A New Generation of Wedding Flowers  By : Bonnie Ray
    Today's silk wedding flowers are just as lovely and natural looking as fresh, lasts a lifetime, and will save you money.
  • Scottish Weddings - The Correct Sporran  By : Sreve Dickson
    We are often asked which sporran is the best to wear if you are getting married and you are wearing a highland outfit. The answer is basically given in two parts. There is a traditional answer and a more modern answer.
  • Scottish Weddings – What Does The Groom Wear?  By : Sreve Dickson
    You may well have seen a traditional Scottish wedding and then again you may not have. Those of you that have seen one will be wondering “What is he wearing ?”. This is where your question will be answered.
  • Making Out-Of-Town Guests Feel Welcome  By : Tim Smith
    Greeting out of town wedding guests is a great way to show how much you appreciate their willingness to share in your wedding celebration, but with only a day or two to go before your wedding how will you ever find time to make them feel welcome without personally being there?
  • Replace Your Wedding DJ With An iPod  By : Tim Smith
    Whether its true or not, most everyone agrees that wedding DJs are expensive. A popular tip circulating the net is to replace your wedding DJ with an iPod and DJ your reception yourself. While this may sound like a great idea, there are some things to consider. Just as with any do-it-yourself project, you must be aware of all facets before you start.
  • Destination Weddings For Those Who Hunger For The Exotic  By : Sharon Vaz
    You've decided that you want a destination wedding, preferably a beach wedding, but most importantly you want to go somewhere exotic where the sea breezes cool the warm afternoon and stir the palm trees.
  • Why Not Do Effective Wedding Negotiations?  By : Jim Ecklund
    There are people who are willing to do wedding negotiations for anything that deals with the wedding. Then there are those who would rather have their teeth pulled. Negotiating what you want and what you want to pay for your wedding can make a big difference in what kind of wedding you want.
  • Wedding Photographers - Capture The Memories  By : Matthew Hick
    One of the most important things that you should have booked for your wedding day is the wedding photographer. The wedding photographer can capture all of the memories of your special day. These memories will last a lifetime.
  • What You Need To Know About Wedding Music  By : Adrian Adams
    If you are planning a wedding in the near future, one of the most important things is going to be the music.
  • Does Planning Your Wedding Appear to be Overwhelming?  By : Jane Saeman
    A Must Read if you are planning your wedding!
  • Wedding Shower Gifts - Solutions for Everyone  By : Matthew Hick
    If you need the perfect gift for a couple's wedding shower, then read on. Here are some helpful tips that will guide you through the process.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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