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  • What you need to know before selling your structured settlement payments.  By : Frank ReCouper
    Should I sell my payments?
    The answer to that one is difficult. The question you might ask yourself: Do I need the money now? For example: to buy a house, pay for an education, a business opportunity or to keep from filing bankruptcy. Any good reason would make sense.
  • Accident Compensation Claims  By : John Pawlett
    To get accident compensation claims accepted in the UK, you should contact your lawyer immediately after the accident. The kinds of accidents you might get involved in include road traffic accidents, hit and run accidents, accidents at work, accidents caused while performing leisure activities, and whilst on holiday abroad.
  • You Can Get Cash For Your Structured Settlements!  By : Paul Sherman
    Structured settlements are financial packages or financial agreements permitting a settlement to be paid through an annuity via regularly scheduled installments either for a fixed period or for the lifetime of the claimant. Now you can sell your future monthly payments and be free of the restrictive schedule of disbursement imposed by your structured insurance settlement.
  • The Truth About Selling Your Structured Settlement  By : Kevin Nelson
    If you're receiving payments from a structured settlement, periodic payments may not be enough if you suddenly need a large sum of money. However, you have several options for selling your structured settlement which can be a fast way to solve an unforseen financial problem.
  • When a Structured Settlement is Best  By : Roxanne Manning
    Structured settlements are structured cash payments through an annuity system that is established to compensate injury victims for their losses. Learn how to determine whether or not a structured settlement is right for you.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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