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  • Understanding Business and Government Regulations  By : David Gass
    Describes business and government regulations and how to deal with them.
  • Here's How You Can Easily Determine The Success Of Your Business  By : Edward hadome
    This article shows you how to become organized and have a vision. It will provide you with the free tools to, manage, track and analyze everything you can about your business so that you can understand your visitors and know what you clearly need to do to make your business successful.
  • 3 Steps To Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Business  By : Jeff Casmer
    A marketing plan includes numbers, facts and objectives, but it is not primarily numerical; it is strategic. It is your plan of action - what you will sell, to whom you will sell it and how often, at what price, and how you will get the product to the buyer. Here's a closer look at putting together a marketing plan that works.
  • The People, Process, Technology Puzzle  By : Sandra Noble
    Today's buzz words are People, Process, and Technology. To reach business goals, each must be addressed and each must be appropriate. So what does that mean? And, how do the puzzle pieces fit together?
  • New Trends In Business  By : Tony Jacowski
    Trend watching helps companies by preparing them to adopt new trends in their field of business.
  • Making A Quick Profit On The Internet  By : Ivan Kelly
    Is it possible to make a quick profit on the internet? I hesitate about mentioning this method as it needs to be done with care, but if followed with a good understanding of the principles involved, it is certainly capable of paying well to those who know how to "play the game".
  • Setting Goals that Sizzle  By : Kim Nishida
    Do you start the year off with phenomenal intentions and suddenly find yourself facing December 31st with little to show for it? Your problem may not be a lack of self-discipline or an over-booked day planner, but simply an inability to set the right targets...goals that sizzle. Walk through the following eight steps and say good-bye to chaos, overwhelm, and unfulfilled wishes.
  • Smart Strategy For A Home Business  By : Ivan Kelly
    The path to profit for an online home business is usually tied closely to smart planning, smart tactics - following key steps - and a willingness to undertake the necessary action.
  • Dreams Do Come True! You Can Build A Company That Can Be Different.  By : Paul Donihue
    What does it take for your dreams to come true? It takes holding on to the vision, and believing in the dream, and a lot of hard work. It takes others, like our family members to see what we see, and if they don't, believe in us anyway. Your dreams of a different business can be a reality.
  • Know Exactly What a Stock Market Formula Does, And Profit!  By : Jon Weaver
    What exactly does a stock market formula do? Stock traders have been using and developing formulas since the birth of the stock market. A summary of a formula's usefulness includes two main functions that it fulfills.
  • Selling Your Business - The 2006 M&A Outlook  By : Dave Kauppi
    Thinking of selling your business in 2006? What will the market be like? Find out.
  • Understanding The Ambidextrous Organization  By : Melih Oztalay
    Established companies can develop radical innovations - and protect their traditional businesses. The secret? Create organizationally distinct units that are tightly integrated at the senior executive level.
  • Successful Business Partnerships  By : Steve Marr
    “To team, or not to team,” that is the question Shakespeare might have asked were he writing a play on the subject of establishing strategic partnerships. In the early days of industrialization, most companies in the United States opted not to team up with others.
  • Corporate Branding Services And Positioning Your Company Right  By : T J Madigan
    Are you having trouble getting a committee in your company to create a branding strategy for you? Do you find it a complicated task to come up with effective branding tactics? Does your existing branding campaign fall short of your expectations? Are you at a loss on what to do next?
  • What Marketing Can Do For You  By : John Pawlett
    I thought I would clear up some misconceptions about marketing.
  • Global trade to hit $27 trillion in 2030: World Bank  By : Gediminas Astrauskas
    Global trade in goods and services could rise more than threefold to $27 trillion in 2030 with developing countries playing a central role, the World Bank predicted.
  • Express Value Creation - supports CxOs to increase the value of they business  By : Henrik Scheel
    As a response, to shift in Midmarket clients' buying behaviour moving towards more value-and risk-based selling, R-Consult has joint developed the Express Value Creation” with the author Henrik Scheel from IBM.

    Express Value Creation is a consultant-led approach aimed at helping C-level executives to prioritize and align IT investments - to realize values that matter the most in reaching key business objectives – short and long term. Centred around delivering business value through core stra
  • Selling Your Business - Prepare for the Buyer Visit  By : Dave Kauppi
    A buyer visit is a very important step before receiving a letter of intent. Do not view it as a simple show-and-tell corporate tour. It is your chance to position your company in the best light to drive purchase price. It is also your chance to gather valuable information on the buyer in order for you to make yoru selling decision.
  • Business Sellers - Beware of the C Corp Asset Sale  By : Dave Kauppi
    If you are selling your business and it is a C Corp, the tax consequences of an asset sale as opposed to a stock sale can be punishing. All else being equal, push for the stock sale. This article discusses the tax treatment of both transaction forms.
  • Contractor and Home Builder Shows: The Power of Advertising  By : Gaetane Ross
    Contractor and Home Builder shows are becoming extremely popular among folks who are looking to build their home or are even just slightly considering having one custom-built themselves.
  • Plan for Tomorrow, But Take Action For Today  By : Steve Marr
    Forward-thinking business leaders spend considerable time, energy, and financial resources determining which emerging trends and future developments will shape the business landscape. Looking to the future is both wise and necessary to keep a business on track and avoid disaster. As Jeremiah wrote regarding Jerusalem, ÒShe did not consider her future, therefore she has fallen astonishinglyÓ (Lamentations 1:9, NASB). However, the bigger questions for most businesses are how to assess, understand, and respond to changes that have already occurred in the marketplace, and how to take effective action.
  • Selling A Business - The Eleventh Hour Contract Change  By : Dave Kauppi
    A last minute change in the terms of a business sale can often cause it to blow up. That is costly and unfortunately far too common. This article discusses how to deal with it.
  • The Pricing Dynamics of Selling a Business  By : Dave Kauppi
    When you sell your business, the method of selling can have a major impact on your selling price. This article discusses the various selling methods and the relative values that result.
  • Looking to Sell a Healthcare Company - Consider an M&A Advisor  By : Dave Kauppi
    If you are considering the sale of your healthcare business, engaging an M&A Advisor can help you drive the maximum transaction value with the least amount of risk.
  • Will a B2B Peer Group Help You Grow Your Business?  By : Wayne Messick
    Napoleon Hill coined the concept, although I am quite sure it had been around forever, of the "mastermind alliance" in his powerful book "Think And Grow Rich" because he believed from his own experience that a group of like-minded, achievement oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other's success.
  • The Number One Key for Business Success in the 21st Century  By : Wayne Messick
    The number one key for business success in the 21st Century is the same as it was at the beginning of recorded business history, it's just easier to achieve now that information is more abundant than ever and high speed Internet connections make it accessible. But just because it's available and does not mean we all take advantage of it.
  • Should You License Your Technology?  By : Phil Morettini
    So when should you license your technology to other companies? This can be a complicated question, since I always say "no one sells your product like you do."
  • How To Find Link Partners  By : Gaetane Ross
    Rather than creating a bogus link directory and filling it with 25,000 links, link to partners with pages that are actually indexed by search engines and have page rank. Additionally, ask them for inbound links from their pages that are indexed and have page rank. Both of you will gain more from this exchange.
  • Getting Your Computer Business Ready for High Tech Peripherals  By : James Lowe
    Here are some soft heavy steps to take before launching your online business to save you some gray hairs
  • Putting Security at Risk  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    To survive in a competitive global environment, an organization must provide targeted customers more value than its competitors, as customer value is the difference between all the benefits derived from a total product/service and all the costs of acquiring those benefits.
  • Learn How To Create A Sitemap  By : Gaetane Ross
    A sitemap of a website is similar to the table of contents of a book. Sitemaps are important because it guides web surfers to the particular part of the website they have a point of interest in. With it they would save time following links and get right to the point instead.
  • How To Build An Opt-in List  By : Gaetane Ross
    Before revealing the secrets of the trades, here are myths and fallacies that need to be cleared before one indulges into building an opt-in list. These marketing misconceptions could pose so much of an obstacle towards your profitting well from your business.
  • Knowledge Is Power: The Search For Accurate Information On The Competition  By : Laura Watkins
    These days, when it comes to seeking out information, most people turn to their computers to do the work for them. "Surfing the Net" has become a routine way of gathering necessary data, facts, and other such knowledge.
  • Starting An Affiliate Program  By : Gaetane Ross
    The following paragraphs summarize the work of affiliate programs experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of affiliate programs. Heed their advice to avoid any affiliate programs surprises.
  • The Marketing Research Challenge  By : Kadence Buchanan
    Many firms, driven by a need to better communicate with their customers and other stakeholders, recognize that marketing "is not a specialized activity at all. It encompasses the entire business and is necessary for a healthy business.
  • Labor Call To Action  By : Kadence Buchanan
    A leading member of the Teamsters has called for more activism among members of the labor movement and criticized today's current crop of labor leaders for not sharing the pulse of the working class because they have not risen through the ranks.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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