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  • Self-Confidence Building: 6 Quick Ways You Can Start Feeling Better About Yourself, Starting Now  By : Jamie Jefferson
    When your self-confidence soars, everything benefits - your body, your relationships, possibly even your pocketbook. Here are six simple things you can do today to build your self-confidence.
  • Personality and what's the Real You?  By : Jeff Casmer
    Personality like many things in life is sort of concrete and can be difficult to define at times. The basic definition is the relatively stable characteristics that are enduring and distinctive which means it separates people from the crowd.
  • The phases of Memory  By : Jeff Casmer
    Memory is the retention of information over a period of time through storage, encoding, and retrieval. For something to be considered memory, you have to take it in, store it, and then retrieve it for use in the future.
  • Creating the Ultimate Self-Help Healing Session  By : Carol Ann Rowland
    Finding healing through self-help can be a wonderful, empowering process. The following article gives helpful tips and suggestions for how readers can ensur they get the maximum benefits and results from their self-help personal healing sessions.
  • Assertiveness vs Aggression  By : Robin Chandler
    When feelings are bottled up assertiveness can spill over into aggression, leaving the other person feeling attacked rather than reasoned with.
  • Helping Those With Negative Thoughts Find Inner Peace  By : Rene Graeber
    When your mind is full of doubts and negative thoughts, it is difficult to find inner peace. The problem with these thinkers is that they lack the ability to set goals and achieve them often therefore inner peace seems out of reach.
  • Astrology Never Lies  By : Suzanne White
    Best-selling Author/Astrologer's answer to doubting skeptics who insist that astrology is a superstition or a religion or an outdated belief system or some other form of oogah boogah - which it ain't! sw
  • The True Price of Success  By : Charles Burke
    Standing in the gale-force winds, the kid was looking queasy. The storm was growing more intense, and the rain had already plastered his hair to his forehead.
  • The Lazy Man's Way To Create Hundreds Of Profitable And Life-Improving Ideas  By : Roger Haeske
    What easy technique, using a spiral notebook can make major improvements to all areas of your life? You're automatically more self-disciplined, your subconscious mind solves your hardest problems with out any effort on your part. Now you have an easy way to quickly find and organize all of your daily activities and ideas generated.
  • Nightmares - Your Richest Resource for Personal Growth?  By : Charles Burke
    Last night I had a nightmare, but it was different in one important way. In most distressing dreams, you find yourself in a tough situation and whatever the problem persuing you, it usually grows worse and worse till you wake up in a cold sweat. But as I say, this one was different.
  • But I Don't Want to Wait THAT Long  By : Charles Burke
    If you want to be rich but you want it NOW, you may be like my friend Sam. He wanted riches, but waiting wasn't his style... he thought.
  • You Can't Do Everything First  By : Charles Burke
    My granddaddy ran one of the biggest plumbing shops in his town, and when he'd spy one of his men dithering over what to do next, he'd simply say, "Son, you can't do everything first." And neither can you or I. If all your options are good, then it doesn't really matter which one you choose first. Throw a dart if you have to, but move. Make a decision. Get yourself into motion.
  • I Won? Didn't Know I Was IN a Contest  By : Charles Burke
    When the award came, it caught Jack by surprise. "I won a sales contest," he told us later, "and I didn't even know I was in it."
  • You as THE Authority Figure  By : Charles Burke
    Natural leaders are usually made, not born. Ever wonder why so many corporations invest so heavily in leadership training? They're making their own leaders.
  • How to Make Your Self-Help Really Help  By : Charles Burke
    Ray ranted, "All that self-help stuff has never worked for me. In fact, it usually makes things worse." I asked him for examples...
  • How I Lost The Secret Of Dazzling Success For 20 Years  By : Charles Burke
    When I started a new job selling door-to-door, it seemed like heaven. I was ecstatic from the first minute of the first day. Every house I walked up to, my heart sang and I said over and over to myself, "I am SO-O-O-O-O-O glad to be out here and not trapped in that cubical." Then, after a few weeks, something quietly changed.
  • Aw Son, Just HIT the Thing  By : Charles Burke
    My father ran a plumbing shop in the competitive western Chicago suburbs. Now and then, when a man didn't show up or called in sick, he'd ask me to fill in for one or another of his regular laborers. One day he set me to work breaking a concrete floor. Now, you need to understand. My father was built like a tree stump, while I ran more along the lines of beanpole.
  • How to Wake Up Eager to Start  By : Charles Burke
    When you jump out of bed every morning, all fired up with enthusiasm and eagerness to... Huh? What's that? You don't do much jumping in the mornings? Well, okay, when you ease out of bed every morning, all eager and enthusiastic to... Huh? What's that? You don't do that either? Well, okay, when you're lying there in bed every morning wondering why the heck you should get up...
  • All Faith Needs Feet  By : Charles Burke
    Faith is a wonderful thing - and very necessary. There are, however, approaches that may look like faith but lead us in risky directions.
  • The Corners We Don't Mind Cutting  By : Charles Burke
    Statistically, failure is normal. That means one thing: you WILL fail.... unless you do something abnormal. Normal people are all busy taking shortcuts, cutting corners, trying to find an edge that'll make up for their being losers. And as long as you think cutting a corner is okay for you, then you're proclaiming to your inner mind that you truly are a loser.
  • How to be the Most Memorable Person at Networking Events  By : Charles Burke
    Most people go to networking events because they know they "should," but they hate it. If you've experienced the usual clammy grip of fear...
  • Selecting a Good Culinary School  By : Jessica Deets
    Culinary schools offer various kinds of programs ranging from few weeks to five years specialized courses. Top of the line culinary schools offer specialized course. These types of schools are often termed as dedicated culinary schools or institutes.
  • Making Personal Development Personal  By : Robin Chandler
    A look at how to make Personal Development really about you, rather than someone elses idea of how you should develop.
  • Why Big Success Is Rare  By : Saleem Rana
    On the journey to success, the will to failure is initially much stronger than the will to success. It is like the gravitational field that exerts tremendous pressure on a rocket to stay earthbound. Only an opposing force of heat and energy can lift the rocket to fly free to the stars to explore brave new worlds.
  • Signs That You Are Totally Into Him  By : James Monahan
    Knowing when you are ill a.k.a when you are totally into a person may spell the difference between instant recovery and total chaos.
  • What Was I Thinking?  By : Donna Davis
    How life reflects our thoughts.
  • The Boyfriend Repellant  By : James Monahan
    Assuming you aren't smelly, desperately irritating, or otherwise objectionable, your problem is that you've probably unconsciously set yourself up as a boyfriend repellent. Don't despair.
  • Motivation - Going for It!  By : Robin Chandler
    Follow your dream - so what are your dreams? And what is preventing you from realising them? Some ideas from Impact Factory on dreaming with feet still on the ground.
  • How not to be a Loser Magnet  By : Robin Chandler
    Jo Ellen Grzyb explores her own past as a 'loser magnet' with men and shares how she became less nice, less magnetised and much happier.
  • How To Put An End To Your Troubles  By : Saleem Rana
    The way to make positive, meaningful change that puts an end to our troubles is not necessarily to get better information about what to do about them, but to revise the opinions, beliefs and attitudes we have that cause our resistance to progress. When you revise your inner experiences through self-inquiry, the outer experiences change as well.
  • Do You Feel Lucky?  By : Lance Murkin
    A comical article expressing inportance of looking at things in an optimistic way to help you reach your goals faster
  • How to Improve Your Memory and Never Forget a Face  By : Jon Weaver
    You are still in the company of your new acquaintance. Having applied Rule One successfully, you are positive you heard his name pronounced correctly, and you are conscientiously observing Rule Two, which means you are seizing every opportunity of saying his name aloud. Rule Three comes next, and you are to put it into effect at once: Fasten the Face in Your Mind.
  • How to Improve Your Memory by Forgetting the Right Things  By : Jon Weaver
    Back in 1885, the German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus made the first experimental studies in remembering and forgetting. What he discovered then still holds true today -- that using the common method of memorizing, we forget forty percent within twenty minutes and seventy-five percent by the end of the week! Doesn't it stand to reason, then, that if you are going to bother to learn things once, you might just as well go to a little extra trouble and protect your investment of time?
  • Lessons from the First Space Strike  By : Saleem Rana
    On Apollo 13, the crew staged the first strike in the history of space travel. The date was December 27, 1973. Mission Control had sent more commands than the crew could cope with. Commander General Carr put a stop to this when he radioed in to Mission Control. "You have given us too much to do," he complained. "We're not going to do a thing until you get your act in better order."
  • How Our Thoughts Create Mental Bugs  By : Saleem Rana
    Our thoughts define who we are. They can make us instantly resourceful or plunge us into the depths of despair. This true story illustrates how thoughts can affect our health and our circumstances.
  • Quest for Freedom--A Story Of Pure Courage  By : Saleem Rana
    This is a true story about Stanislavsky Lech during the time of the Nazi occupation of Poland. It is a story of courage and the lesson that no matter how bad things get, there is always a solution.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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