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  • Catapult Your Muscle Gains With Proper Post-Workout Nutrition  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    The post-workout period is without a doubt the most critical time to take advantage of proper muscle-building nutrition. It is during this time when the body is most primed for nutrient absorption and the muscles will literally act like a sponge, soaking up everything you present them with.
  • The Critical Importance Of A Proper Weightlifting Warmup  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    One of the most costly mistakes that I see in the gym week in and week out is that the majority of lifters fail to recognize the importance of a proper warmup. There are two main reasons why a proper warmup will serve you well both in the short and long term...
  • 8 Sure-Fire Mental Techniques For Blocking Out Training Discomfort  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Outlines 8 awesome techniques for "mentally numbing" the pain associated with hard training sessions in the gym.
  • Multivitamins: A Necessary Muscle-Building Supplement Or A Waste Of Cash?  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Can bodybuilders benefit by supplementing with extra vitamins and minerals? Let's review some basic biology as well as the function of each specific vitamin in order to find the answer...
  • The Dramatic Muscle-Building Benefits Of Glutamine  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body and is arguably the most important in the process of building muscle and gaining strength.
  • Pre-Workout Ramblings From A Dedicated Bodybuilder  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    It's exactly 5:55pm. I'm sitting in front of my computer, choking down a bowl of tuna. I have a bottle of water beside me and am preparing for my 7pm workout: back and biceps.
  • Do Bodybuilders Really Need Supplements?  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    To supplement or not to supplement? That is the question, and an important one at that. Do bodybuilders really need supplements? Let's examine that question.
  • The 5 Golden Rules Of Staying Injury-Free In The Gym  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Teaches 5 basic steps to remain injury free when training with weights so that 100% effort can be put into building muscle size and strength.
  • 2 Simple Steps To Ripped Summertime Muscles  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Summer is on the horizon, and the time has come to kick back and relax under the sun. It's time for beach days, barbecues and pool parties, and for any serious weightlifter these activities also mean one thing: it's time for the shirts to come off and to showcase that rock-solid physique they've been working on all year.
  • Combining Strength Training and Diet to Lose Weight Safely and Steadily  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
    Contrary to what you may think, strength training may be more important than aerobic exercise for weight loss because although it increases muscle tissue, strength training burns more fat than aerobic exercise.
  • Certification Personal Trainer Courses are Vital for Employment  By : Jessica Deets
    Anyone can profess to be a personal trainer, but quality instructors really know their stuff. This goes way beyond having an ability to motivate and inspire others. It means providing good, solid information about exercises, diet and more.
  • Massive Shoulders In A Matter Of Minutes  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    If you're looking to develop an impressive, muscular physique, well-developed shoulders are an absolute must. Thick, round "cannon ball delts" will make your upper body appear wide and powerful and will help immensely in creating the v-tapered look that all bodybuilders strive for...
  • Why You Need To Develop Your Muscles  By : Rene Graeber
    Let us look at some reasons why some people decide to stay fit all their lives. We shall also see how the fitness concern started from a mere whim to a serious life task.
  • The King Of All Upper Body Exercises  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Load up a barbell with as much weight as you can handle and pick it up off of the ground while keeping your back straight. Sounds simple enough, right? It may come as a surpirse, but this basic movement is the absolute most effective upper body exercise around...
  • 10 Simple Steps To Skyrocket Your Natural Testosterone Production  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Quite simply, testosterone is the most important muscle-building hormone in your body and is one of the limiting factors that determines how much muscle a person can build. Increased levels of testosterone have the following benefits...
  • How to Double Your Energy Levels In Three Days  By : Roger Haeske
    Are you often tired, lethargic and feeling older than you should? Do you want to get more done and have the non-stop energy of a 7-year-old child? With this report, you'll learn two easy ways to double your energy levels within the next three days.
  • 4 Harmful Muscle-Building Myths Uncovered  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Bodybuilding and fitness is literally a multi-billion dollar industry with new websites popping up every single day. In this article I'm going to expose 4 very common muscle-building myths in order to keep you on the proper path to the mind-blowing muscle and strength gains you deserve.
  • They Don't Know Squat  By : Keith Londrie
    There seems to be much confusion amongst trainers and trainees as to whether squats should be performed all the way down or just half way. In most gyms today, a common instruction during squats, deadlifts, and lunges (as taught by many personal training organizations) is not to allow the knees to travel beyond the toes.
  • Instantly Increase Your Strength On Every Back Exercise  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Do you want a quick, simple and instant way to increase the amount of weight you can lift on virtually every back exercise you perform? Sound too good to be true? I speak the truth, my friend, and the reality is that if you aren't utilizing this basic piece of gym equipment you're missing out on some serious muscle size and strength gains. What tool am I talking about? A pair of lifting straps!
  • Gain More Muscle By Training Less Often  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    The more work you put into something, the better results you will achieve. This has always been a widely accepted truth that applies to many areas of life. Therefore, it only makes sense that the more time you spend in the gym, the stronger and more muscular your physique will become, correct? Contrary to what you might think, the answer to this question is a gigantic, definite, absolute no! It is in this area of bodybuilding that conventional wisdom goes straight out the window, down the street and around the corner.
  • How To Maximize Your Chest Gains  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Everyone wants a huge chest, plain and simple. It is all too common to see inexperienced lifters slaving away on endless sets of bench presses and cable crossovers in search of full, thick pecs. The reality is that there is nothing complicated about building an impressive chest. The bottom line for huge chest gains is consistency, effort and steady progression in weight and repetitions.
  • The Most Powerful Muscle-Building Tool Available  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    The bodybuilding debates will never end. The endless arguments over how an effective muscle-building program should be structured will most likely continue until the end of time. Just scour the Internet message boards, flip through any muscle magazine or talk to the sales rep at your local supplement store. No matter who you talk to or what you read, it seems that everyone is an expert these days. Amidst all of the confusion, we must never lose sight of the big picture...
  • The Perfect Rep Range For Building Muscle  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    No matter what you read or who you talk to, everyone has their own opinion of what the "perfect" rep range should be to allow for maximum muscle stimulation and growth. In this article I'm going to clear up the confusion once and for all and teach you the truth about choosing the most effective rep range for optimal muscle-building results.
  • How To Build A Massive Pair Of Arms  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    It's no secret that every serious lifter out there desires an impressive pair of strong, muscular arms. Who wouldn't be happy with tall, peaking biceps sitting on top of rock-hard, horse-shoe-shaped triceps? Who wouldn't love to have a pair of ripped, well-developed guns forcefully bursting through the sleeves of their shirt? While developing muscular arms is usually at the top of many peoples' agenda, the reality is that the majority of lifters out there have a very poor understanding of how to properly train their arms for maximum gains.
  • Nitric Oxide and Building Your Muscle Fast  By : Jessica Deets
    There's been some double-blind studies that support the effectiveness of nitric oxide supplements. But with so many Nitric Oxide products on the market, how do you know which one works the best for you.
  • 8 Proven Strategies For Maximum Muscle Gains  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to the topic of building muscle, and sometimes it can be very difficult to know where to start. If you're an average beginner looking for some basic guidelines to follow in the gym, the following 8 points will start you off on the right track.
  • How to Count Calories With Your Eyes  By : Marc David
    Embarking on a serious fitness quest or even a journey to just be healthy can sometimes be a daunting task. And at some point, you've been told or heard that eating 5-6 frequent small meals a day is the way to go for weight gain or weight loss.
  • The Key to Building Muscle and Burning Fat at the Same Time  By : Marc David
    Doesn't weight training build muscle
    and increase your metabolic rate and therefore the increase
    in your metabolic rate reduces fat? And if so, then doesn't
    this mean that you have gained muscle and lost fat at the
    same time?
  • Bodybuilding and Overcoming Daily Workout Fatigue  By : Jessica Deets
    "How can you have a great workout without having to feel so tired the rest of the day." You've probably seen women and men that are so busy, that the only time they can workout is at 5:00 in the morning. Maybe you have to do that too. So I set out to find out how to keep from getting so tired throughout the day after an intense workout... and the answer may surprise you.
  • Nine Simple Ways to Increase the Intensity of Any Workout  By : Marc David
    Beginners usually do not need such advanced concepts simply because as a beginner, pretty much anything will work as it's new to your body. You don't need to bump up the intensity because the workout itself is usually hard enough. But for those who have worked out for quite some time, doing a simple routine doesn't cut it. And for those who are entering a competition and may be on low card, sub-maintenance calories and doing cardio twice a day, adding more and more weight is easier said then done. Where's the energy?

    That's where some advanced concepts come into play.
  • Tone Your Butt Techniques  By : Chung Leong Yu
    How to tone your butt is the most frequently asked question, especially among women. This is because for women, the fat tends to deposit there more than other areas.
  • Diet Bodybuilding in 2007  By : Craig Rad
    Diet bodybuilding is about having a sensible eating plan that will mean as you grow muscle you decrease the amount of fat your body has.
  • Understanding The Importance Of Weight Training  By : Douglas Taylor
    Most people you will need to add exercise into their weight loss plans if they have any desire to succeed. It is really hard for some folks to lose any significant amount of weight if they do not exercise and it is really important to add the right kind of exercise if you want to see the best results.
  • How To Get Great Abs at Home  By : Wendy Wood
    The quest for a flat stomach and defined abdominal muscles is one of the primary elements of many fitness programs.
  • Free Weights Versus Machine Exercise  By : Allan Wilson
    Something you need to keep in mind and never forget
    is that when you exercise, you are training for
  • The Relevance Of Meal Frequency For Muscular Bodies  By : Allan Wilson
    One of challenges is how to gain muscular body weight without gaining fat. There is one way to it you must eat five or six meals daily each spaced two and a half to three hours apart.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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