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  • Addiction is a Disease  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    We found that physical dependence on opiates is a possible side effect to prescription pain killers and proper weaning off can be accomplished by the use of Buprenorphine.
  • Twelve Step Programs (Alcoholics Anonymous)  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    One of the most prevalent (if not the most prevalent) program to remain sober is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA is a group-oriented program. In it you go to daily meetings and meet with others who are also working to stay sober. The strength of the system is the amount of support you get from the other people. Eventually you are to select a more senior member who will become you sponsor. This is the person who will lead you through the program and be there when you are having issues.
  • Dietary Changes To Assist with Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    If you are experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms while trying to kick your habit, making some dietary changes can also help you work through this process. These changes may sound common sense but nonetheless important so that you can be put back in good health.
  • Alcoholism Stages - Understanding the Progression of the Disease of Alcoholism  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    It is very basic: most experts agree that there are three primary alcoholism stages. These alcoholism stages have been aptly and simply named:
  • Fat Burners For Men  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    There are fat burners for men only available, even though most you will find are targeted to both men and women. These special formulas for men increase the testosterone level, thereby enhancing the fat burning process. They are specially formulated to include many

    different ingredients that are safe for men who desire to lose weight, burn fat and enhance muscle building efforts.
  • Ridding Yourself Of the Man Boobs Caused By Gynecomastia  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    It would seem that men are often caught out by their constant battle with their hormones. Bring back the easy times when our hormones were going crazy due to our intense attraction to breasts. But now this has been replaced by a repulsion just as strong. This can be seen in our desperation to seek a way to get rid of man boobs. Maybe then will we conquer our hormonal battle once and for all.
  • Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    There are ways to stop premature ejaculation.

    Here are some quick fix methods, plus more permanent ways to stop premature ejaculation from ever occurring again:
  • The Sperm Cells And Orgasm In Men  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    I know that you have an idea where babies come from and yes, they aren't coming from storks. To make a baby we need to have two cells: the egg cell and sperm cell, and the whole procedure is simple - during sex act the sperm cell, which is produced by the testes"swims" to the egg cell. The process called fertilization is penetrating the egg cell. You should also know that only one of the millions sperm cells does the job.
  • Restoring Natural Penis Enlargement - Just Like It Grew During Puberty  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    It's simply a fact that during puberty your penis grew naturally, without the interference of penis pumps, pills or extenders. Just like you had growth spurts with your height, you had growth spurts with your penis.
  • A Sex Life Of Your Dreams  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    Many men have often wondered what it takes to satisfy women. Since in the fast world of men , instant gratification reigns supreme, most men tend to feel the same about women. Sporadic gifts, flowers, now and then and a quick "fix" once in a while they surmise will just do. For one, the male mental construct is totally different from the female's - What stimulates or gratifies a man doesn't necessarily have the same effect on females. With this in mind, it becomes necessary to understand the fem
  • Penis Enlargement Truths  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    There are very few penis enlargement products out there that do what they claim. That is not to say that there are none, because there are some which help promote natural penis growth. However there are many that are dangerous to your health and the health of your penis (think impotence, rashes, torn penile tissue, possible poison contamination, Peyronie's syndrome, urinary incontinence etc.).
  • Penis Exercises - Increase The Size Of Your Penis  By : Adolph K. Reekie
    When I decided to try to enlarge my penis, my first choice was getting a bottle of penis enlargement pills. About two months into it, I came to the conclusion that enlargement pills are perhaps not the best way to increase your size, as I had no gains whatsoever. Having tried many different methods of enlargement, with no positive results, I landed on using penis exercises to try to add some girth.
  • A Quick Guide To Botox  By : Barry Lycka
    Last year, 6 million Americans had Botox Treatments. Why? Is it for you?
  • Salk and Stanford teams join forces to reveal two paths of neurodegeneration  By : Dave Gosine
    Scientists have speculated that the same molecular shears used to trim axon branches in injured adult axons also do so during normal developmental pruning. In a forthcoming issue of Neuron, teams at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and Stanford University revise that notion and, in doing so, suggest how nerve function could be preserved after injury.
  • FDA Grants Fast Track Designation To Nektar's Amphotericin B Inhalation Powder (ABIP)  By : Dave Gosine
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Fast Track designation to Amphotericin B Inhalation Powder (ABIP) for prevention of pulmonary fungal infections.
  • Canadian Drugs are Cheap, But are they Legal?  By : Jim Pretin
    An article about why Canadian drugs are so cheap and the booming Canadian internet drug trade
  • A Cure for Baldness?  By : Jim Pretin
    Propecia may be a short-term cure for baldness, stem cells are the long-term solution
  • Does Homeopathy Work?  By : Jim Pretin
    An article about homeopathic medicine - Does it work or is it just hocus pocus?
  • Tamiflu: The First Line of Defense  By : Jim Pretin
    Tamiflu may be the only available treatment for bird flu
  • Abdominoplasty: To Tummy Tuck or Not To Tummy Tuck  By : Mary Desaulniers
    Should you have a tummy tuck? Here are some considerations you should look at before signing up for the procedure.
  • Early Orthodontic Treatment Boosts Self-Esteem in Small Children  By : Minh Nguyen D.D.S.
    Teasing related to dental appearance is hurtful. Fortunately, there is evidence of a marked increase in self-confidence following early orthodontic treatment in youngsters.
  • Live Healthy by Using Essential Oils, Roots and Herbs  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Essential oils, roots and herbs can be used in a variety of ways to promote healthy living. They are used to create natural remedies for treating ailments common to both people and animals, to add flavor to food, to make perfumes and to create environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Ayurvedic Herbs As Holistic Medication  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Before the advent of modern medicine as we know it many cultures developed natural medicines called herbs. These cures usually came from plants and other natural substances which today can often be found in the kitchen.
  • Treating Arthritis - Naturally  By : Nicky Pilkington
    There are actually three common types of arthritis. These are Osteoarthritis which is the most common, affecting around 16 million Americans with an average age of 45. It usually will attack weight bearing joints like knees, hips, and ankles but has been found in the fingers, neck and spine. Each of our joints is cushioned by cartilage, a very dense, sponge-like substance. Osteoarthritis attacks that cartilage and gradually wears it down.
  • Gentle Alternative's for Treating Health Problems  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Many of our modern drugs have harsh side-affects and cost the "earth", so the next time you come down with a cold or the flu, why not try a gentle alternative that costs next to nothing?
  • Easing Arthritis Pain with Glucosamine & Chondroitin Supplements  By : Nicky Pilkington
    If you suffer from arthritis pain, chances are you've heard of a relatively new over-the-counter remedy called Glucosamine. But what is Glucosamine, and how does it work to relieve arthritis? In this article, I'll introduce you to this new treatment and provide you with the pros and cons of its use. By the time you've finished reading this article, you'll be able to make an informed decision on whether or not Glucosamine is right for you.
  • Herbs & Homeopathic Remedies May Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Does hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for your menopause make your blood run cold? Many women are faced with the potential risks associated with HRT. First, let's take a quick look at the three stages of menopause.
  • Herbal Remedies for Treating Acne  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Acne is not caused by dirt, though careful attention to hygiene helps to keep inflammation at bay. A trial done in Singapore a few years ago points to acne being caused by the failure of the body to break down and metabolize oil in the body. Why does this happen?
  • Breastfeeding Weight Loss  By : Nikki Torrez
    It’s that time of day again, and you eagerly settle down in your grandmother’s antique rocking chair to breastfeed your newborn. This is the best time of the day for you as it affords more bonding time with your baby.
  • Anabolic steroids' usage: from the very beginning up till now  By : Helen Markert
    Anabolic steroids have become so popular and frequently used nowadays that it’s hard to imagine the times when such useful concept was unknown yet. The history of anabolic steroids, their development is closely connected with the ancient knowledge of testicles’ role for male sexual activity. For many years medicine knew that testicles are extremely important for normal work of male sexual system, but only in the 19th century the active process of testicles’ characteristics’ investigation started.
  • Should I Have Lasik Vision Correction Done?  By : Scott Fromherz
    The question of whether or not you should have Lasik vision correction done can truly be only answered by you and you yourself.
  • Learning About Lasik Eye Surgery  By : Scott Fromherz
    It is incredibly important to learn at least the basics about Lasik eye surgery, especially if you are one of the many people who are presently considering having the procedure done.
  • Around 5% of Patients Feel the Side Effects of Lasik Surgery  By : Scott Fromherz
    Let us assume that one has had lasik procedure and thanks to the numbing drops used in the surgery, the lasik eye surgery was absolutely painless.
  • Understanding the Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery  By : Scott Fromherz
    There are truly many different benefits in regards to Lasik eye surgery, and all of these should truly be taken fully into consideration by anyone who has an eye problem and who is looking for a means that will help them to solve this problem.
  • The Possibility Of Lasik Complications  By : Scott Fromherz
    As with any surgical procedure, there is always the possibility of complications. With Lasik eye surgery, the possibility of Lasik complications is always present and should always be considered before you grant the physician rights to the procedure.
  • Dandelion - More Than Just a Common Weed  By : James Penn
    Its name originated out of the fact that some believe its leaves resembled the tooth of a lion, but for years the Dandelion has done more than just help bees make honey. While its juices are bitter, many animals consume the plant for various reasons, including its ability to stimulate milk production.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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