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  • Jews and Darfur: An Open Letter to the Jewish Community  By : Warren Graham
    The Jewish Community has a particular moral obligation to stand up in protest against the outrages being perpetrated in Darfur, or to stop complaining about past and present world indifference to Jewish suffering.
  • Internship at the Oswiecim State Higher Vocational School  By : michal costaminnego
    Students at the OSHVS can major in English, Russian, Political Science (with specializations in European integration and international political relations), or administration and marketing (with specializations in cultural administration and education or public administration).
    The students learn how the whole institution functions. Each department organizes special meetings for them, where they learn about things like the preservation workshop, Museum publications, the archives, art works made in the camp during the war, and exhibitions at the site. They can also tourthe Memorial, conducted in a language of their choice by a Museum guide.
    Freshmen at the Oswiecim State Higher Vocational School are doing three-week internships at the Museum.
    OSHVS teacher Jacek Urbiński forom Poland said that all the students must do an internship, regardless of what they are studying. "The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum is very popular and most of the students ask to go there. An internship at the Museum is always a valuable and interesting experience, and the cooperation between our institutions has gotten off to a good start."
    Most of the 20 interns are studying English and Russian; several others are studying political science with a specialization in European integration and international political relations or administration and marketing with a specialization in cultural administration and education or public administration. They are working at the Museum in the main office, the publishing department, collections department, library, and visitor services section.
    Barbara Madej, who is studying English, chose the spot for her internship. After graduation, she would like to work at the Museum as a guide. "I am very happy to be able to do my internship here," she said. "I've seen things that you don't see every day, such as art work by the prisoners. I am also developing in terms of language. I did not think I would be given such responsible tasks as translating official correspondence. Of course, Museum employees help me. The atmosphere at work is also good," said Barbara, who comes from nearby Skidzin.
    While they are at the Museum, the students have an opportunity not only to see how well they know foreign languages. They also learn how important the site of the former Auschwitz German concentration camp is, how does theAuschwitz tour looks and how it continues to stir interest around the world.
  • Kabbalah: In Search Of The Revelations Of Elijah  By : Gersiane De Brito
    Morten St. George's theory that Nostradamus' book of prophecies conceals a translation of forty-two excerpts from the Revelations of Elijah.
  • The Seven Branch Menorah - Symbol of the Jewish Faith  By : Adam Barnett
    The 7 branch menorah is often mistaken for the hanukkah menorah, but it is very different and cannot be used during hanukkah since it only has seven branches! However, as one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish faith, and a biblical symbol for Christians, we should all know what this is what it's relevance is for us today.
  • Kippahs - To Wear or Not to Wear!  By : Adam Barnett
    For most of the world it is considered respectful to take your headcovering or hat off, but in judaism, it is considered respectful to G-d for men and boys to have their heads covered. Read on to learn more about this fascinating rabbinical tradition!
  • The Mighty Mezzuzah on the Doorpost  By : Adam Barnett
    The mezzuzah is simply a container that is hung on the doorframes of your house, but it contains a kosher parchment upon which is written the words of G-d from Torah! Every time you walk through a doorway or enter your home, you are reminded that Hashem is present in our lives each day.
  • The Tales of the Tallit  By : Adam Barnett
    This article is not only to tell about the background of the Jewish Tallit, or prayer shawl, but to give information about the various kinds of tallits and how such an item can be obtained.
  • Simply Shofars - A Natural Item with a Beautiful Sound  By : Adam Barnett
    This article is about the history of the shofar and how it is used today. The shofar is a common item in both the Jewish and Christian worlds and this article will give the needed general information about the Shofar.
  • Finding G-d* in the Details  By : Shifra Hendrie
    Are you upset when you run into obstacles on the way to your goal? Don't be! Kabbalah explains that growth and success are not meant to occur in a smooth linear path, but in a 3-fold process of light-darkness-light. In working with the nitty-gritty details and obstacles along the way to fulfilling a vision that you reveal G-d and your own Divine power in every aspect of your personal life.
  • The Secret of the Void  By : Shifra Hendrie
    There is another, far deeper plane of reality right here with us, another dimension to our lives and ourselves, but we usually don't sense it for what it is. Instead, we sense it as 'something missing', a void. The void can cause us to eat too much, drink too much, strive too much - or it can lead us toward the essence of who we really are and an intensely fulfilling and meaningful life.
  • The Kabbalah of Adolescence  By : Shifra Hendrie
    Do you remember what it was like to be an adolescent? The anger, the confusion, the rebellion? The intense need to express yourself, even in ways that were upsetting to the people around you?
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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