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  • Are Black Diamonds For You  By : Bowe Packer
    Looking for new jewelry? What about Black Diamonds? Find out where to search for them.
  • Italian Designer Jewelry  By : Ivan Liu
    Vivace Jewelry is an inventory of modern designer jewelry. Right from the trendy jewelries to the traditional ones; it is an Italian designer who can best mold the metals which is the working women prefer the most of the Italian designer jewelries for regular use are being created on these types of imitation or easily available materials. So you can always enjoy with us.
  • Ethnicity Embracing Her Neck  By : Ivan Liu
    Vivace Jewelry is an online retailer that sells exclusively designed women’s accessories. Ethnic necklace comprises of the colorful beaded necklace, it is now being modified into fashion ethnic jewelry for the woman belonging to any part of the world with ethnic necklace playing the key role. So with us; you can always enjoy the latest trend in the world.
  • Designer Earrings Blended With Uniqueness  By : Ivan Liu
    Vivace jewelry is a complete collection of all kinds of earrings, it comprises of an essential part of your grooming and hence to look stunning you need to fetch some of the versatile designs of the designer jewelries. With us; you can always enjoy the latest trends in the world of Fashion.
  • Hot Celebrities And Body Piercing A Growing Trend  By : Sam Smith
    Many of todays hottest Hollywood celebrities and movie stars have taken to the growing trend of body piercing and body jewelry. This is no longer the arena of a small group of hardcore body piercers but part of our main stream culture. Learn more about body jewelry.
  • The Ruby, Emerald And Saphire  By : Mitch Endick
    Rubies and sapphires are composed of almost pure aluminum and oxygen and are members of the corundum family. The mineral is often called a ruby when it is red and a sapphire when it is blue.
  • Cutting And Polishing Diamonds  By : Mitch Endick
    Precious stones are cut and polished to develop the beauties which are latent in them. The diamond in its natural found state is not spectacular. The diamond in a natural state is merely a luminous gray pebble.
  • Scratched and Dented: The Ugly Truth About Watches  By : Lee Michaels
    Few things are more frustrating to the owner than a high-end watch sitting in a box rarely used. These watches, which we spend hundreds of dollars on, sit unused in boxes because we don't want them to wear down.
  • Desirable Qualities In Diamonds  By : Mitch Endick
    Precious stones in general are rare and a perfect one is rarely ever found. Gems for the most part are at a safe stock. The public is beginning to realize and want to understand the finer qualities of precious stones.
  • Precious Minerals For Jewelry  By : Mitch Endick
    With the exception of the pearl, which is a shellfish, precious stones are minerals that possess traits of personal adornment. Precious stones originate from the most awesome powers of nature.
  • Diamond Damage And Repair  By : Mitch Endick
    Repairing and recutting a diamond does not happen often, but it does to diamonds that have been damaged or those that were not well made when originally cut.
  • Diamonds, Larger Size Or Better Cut?  By : Mitch Endick
    The jewelry store must decide if it is going to try to sell the customer a well cut stone or a larger carat, poorly cut stone for the same price. This is a dilemma for dealers to consider. From a fair business standpoint it is important to explain to the customer why certain stones are sold for less per carat.
  • How To Choose A Diamond For An Engagement Ring  By : Mitch Endick
    Congratulations, you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring. The average consumer may need to rely much upon his jewelry store clerk unless research is done before hand.
  • Diamonds, For Investment Or Pleasure?  By : Mitch Endick
    Most diamonds sold to the general public are known as slightly imperfect. Slightly imperfect diamonds are not easily spotted by the trained eye. The regular person would probably never even notice the imperfections.
  • Diamond Cutting And The Effect On Value  By : Mitch Endick
    Rough diamonds come in several basic shapes. The most common shape is in the form known as an octahedron. The octahedron resembles two Egyptian pyramids placed base to base, that is the usual crystal form of a diamond.
  • Diamonds, Value And Carbon Spot Imperfections  By : Mitch Endick
    Diamonds almost always have defects and one of the main defects is carbon spots. Their influence upon diamond value has to be taken into account along with the influence of color. A stone may have great color, yet may yield some carbon imperfections making it far less valuable than an off color stone.
  • Diamond Color Judging For Jewelry  By : Mitch Endick
    In judging the color of diamonds it is necessary to obscure the prismatic play of colors in order to see the true color. You can do this by giving the stone a puff of breath and then studying the color while dim. It must also be remembered that diamonds also have faint color differences in them.
  • Diamond Colors And How To Determine Them  By : Mitch Endick
    Most transparent minerals have, when pure, no color. Diamonds, being transparent, are no exception to this rule. Color is due to the presence of relatively small amounts of foreign substances, usually in metallic oxides. Iron oxide is one of the most common oxides, especially in diamonds.
  • Necklaces: The Touch Of Loyalty And Love On Your Soft Neck  By : Ivan Liu
    Vivace jewelry is a complete collection of all kinds of necklaces, created by the world acclaimed Italian designers. The magic they create in combination with other jewelry wades is enough to turn others spell bound, while making you the cynosure of the party. With us, you can always enjoy the latest trends in the world of Fashion.
  • Ceramic bracelets: unleash the woman within  By : Ivan Liu
    Ceramic bracelets are an object of beauty. If you have not yet found your colleagues putting on these ceramic bracelets then immediately go for one and become the trendsetter; vivace jewelry’s online shops have everything in store. You can select them and enjoy the latest trends in the world of Fashion anytime on the Internet.
  • Famous Diamonds  By : John Pawlett
    Among the most well known diamonds is the Hope. This 45.52 carat steel blue diamond is currently on display at the Smithsonian.
  • Hair Accessories Explained  By : Matt Davies
    How to make the most of hair accessories, to help you look your best!
  • How a Frog Ring Can Bring You Good Luck  By : Mayoor Patel
    Do you find amphibians lovable? Does the frog appeal to you in one way or another? If yes, it is not surprising at all considering that a frog muppet or cartoon characters are loved by millions.
  • Is My Bracelet Real Or Costume Jewelry  By : Victor Epand
    This article gives you some advice on what to look for and how to go about making sure that it is real when you get a bracelet.
  • Precious Gems & Gemstones  By : Lulu Bell
    Precious gems are comprised of the traditional four precious stones which are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. There is not a system to order the four precious gems because their beauty is a matter of taste. Tastes change with time and what is considered a favorite today may be different a few years or decades from now.
  • The Importance Of Time Keeping And How It Began  By : Gregg Hall
    Although many may deny it, keeping track of the time is one of the primary considerations a person has. With so many things that must be accomplished in one day, it is necessary to constantly watch the time to make sure that everything is done on schedule.
  • Caring for Pearls. How to Keep them in Perfect Condition  By : Stephen Dolan
    Pearls are elegent and beautiful. Follow the advice in this article to Keep your pearls in pristine condition for many yerars to come
  • The Luminox Watch, Not Just For The Military  By : Gregg Hall
    Naturally, when the military sings the praises of an item, civilians will vie to own it. When the Seals began donning Luminox watches, they rose in civilian popularity as well and the demand for them increased.
  • Some Very Interesting Facts You Probably Don't Know About Mechanical Watches  By : Gregg Hall
    Before analog watches were the quartz watches and before them was the mechanical watch. These watches use springs that need to be wound by the wearer. Many of the older generation probably remember receiving this type of watch as the first one that they ever wore.
  • Earrings: Balancing Style With Beauty  By : Ivan Liu
    Vivace Jewelry has a collection of some of the exquisite earrings that can make a person attractive and eye catching. Nowadays, you can enjoy the latest trends in the world of Fashion anytime on the Internet.
  • Testing Silver and Silver Grades  By : Victor Epand
    This article contains information on silver grades and silver tests.
  • Features Of Silicone Wristband - Bracelet  By : Jason Uvios
    Silicone wristband or bracelets are in fashion nowadays and are in demand. Everyone wants to customise their bracelet in order to stand out in the crowd. We will discuss here the different features of the silicone bracelets which will help the customers to decide n the various factors before going in for their own unique silicone bracelet:
  • How And Why Wrist Watches Were First Created  By : Gregg Hall
    The first wristwatches were worn by women as fashion accessories. They were small and designed to look delicate on a female's wrist. As many new fashion statements are they were very expensive and worn primarily by society women in order to show off their wealth.
  • Diamond Grades, Color and Clarity  By : Victor Epand
    This article is a description of the color and clarity of diamond grades.
  • The Problem With Denture Cleansers And Jewelry  By : Victor Epand
    The article explains why denture cleansers can not be used on jewelry.
  • White Gold Can Get Yellow  By : Victor Epand
    The article contains information on how to care for white gold, and explains causes of 'yellowish' color.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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