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  • Learn Spanish at Home with the Latest Technologies  By : Jim Zorn
    Using the latest technology or with the help of the internet, you can learn Spanish at home quickly, successfully, inexpensively and at the pace of your choice. Conversational fluency in Spanish empowers people who need a high standard of the Spanish language for business, travel or school.
  • The History Behind Graduation Day and the Cap and Gown Worn  By : Jaci Rae
    Graduation Day is a special day to celebrate a passage into another part of your life. But what does it mean? Where came from and a special poem just for graduates. Remember drinking and driving is a deadly mix. Don't mess up the rest of your life.
  • Can You Please Look Up Dord in Webster's Dictionary For Me?  By : Jessica Cander
    For five years a word existed in the 1934 version of Webster's that was not a word at all, but rather a mistake.
  • 3 Quick & Easy Steps To Playing Music by Ear  By : Duane Shinn
    Playing by ear is the ability to play a piece of music (or, eventually, learn an instrument) by simply listening to it repeatedly. The majority of self-taught musicians began their education this way; they picked up their instrument and began playing an easy melody from a well-known song, slowly picking out the notes as they went along.
  • Music & Intelligence: Will Listening to Music Make You Smarter?  By : Duane Shinn
    Will listening to music make you smarter? Will learning to play a musical instrument make your brain grow larger than normal? Questions like these ones have been popping up all over the place in the past few years, and not just in scientific journals either.
  • 10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play 'Chord' Piano   By : Duane Shinn
    There are roughly umpteen zillion reasons why you should learn enough chords to be able to "chord a song" at the piano. By "chord a song", I mean the ability to play 3 or 4 chords on the piano in some sort of rhythm while you or someone else sings the tune. To do this, you don't need to be a Van Cliburn; all you need to do is learn a few basic chords and be able to more back and forth between them in some organized rhythmic pattern.
  • Six Sigma In Education  By : Tony Jacowski
    Once used strictly in manufacturing, the Six Sigma methodology has branched out to other areas of industry. This article outlines how to use 6 Sigma in Education, a once unlikely field for Six Sigma deployment.
  • Choosing the Right Educational Video Games for Your Children  By : Amy Nutt
    Video games are among the most popular toys today. Children of all ages spend a lot of time engrossed in the latest action-packed video console or computer game.
  • Choosing Educational Software For Children  By : Amy Nutt
    In recent years, computers have become an integral part of everyday life. Now, more people own computers than ever before, and the numbers continue to rise.
  • Choosing Educational Videos for Children  By : Amy Nutt
    Today, videos have become a very popular means of entertainment among children of all ages.
  • Educational Toy Ideas for Your Preschooler  By : Amy Nutt
    If you are searching for the right educational toys for your preschooler, you may be overwhelmed with all the options available
  • The Advantages of Interactive Books for Children  By : Amy Nutt
    There are many technological tools on the market today geared towards parents who wish to help educate and entertain their children
  • Are You Considering Hiring a Private Tutor?  By : Adrian Adams
    No matter what age you are, if you have ever had academic problems in any area, whether it is in high school, college, or trade school, There are many public tutoring programs available.
  • How To Study for CLEP Exams  By : Bryan Wong
    You know that CLEP exams are very important in obtaining course credit without entering a classroom and can definitely speed up the time it takes you to earn that degree. You also know how to register for them. Now it's time to learn how to study for them.
  • 5 Tips On Studying For Exams  By : Bryan Wong
    Test-taking is one element that both online education and traditional education share. Here are 5 tips on how to study for tests and improve your results.
  • The Importance Of The CLEP Exam And How To Register  By : Bryan Wong
    The CLEP Exam is very important for non-traditional students, read here why.
  • The 5 Best Jobs For The Next 10 Year Part II  By : Bryan Wong
    Choosing a college major can be hard. You should not only look at your passions, interests, and skills, but also what will earn a good income. That's why we looked at major trends that are developing in our economy, that will greatly influence what jobs will be the most-in-demand for the next ten years. Take advantage from this information and choose wisely.
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety – Some Tools and Tips.  By : Roy Williams
    Most students do experience some sort of anxiety, an uneasiness or apprehension during test or examination due to their over-concern, worry or fear. It is found that test anxieties sometimes causes mental blocks and the students leave the answer script blank though they knew the correct answer. But what is the effective solution for test anxiety!
  • Tips On Studying For A Test Part 1  By : Bryan Wong
    One element that both online education and traditional education share is test-taking. Here are 5 tips on how to study for tests and improve your results.
  • Tests You Need To Take For An Online Education  By : Bryan Wong
    When pursuing an online degree, you likely want to complete it as quickly as possible. One way to speed up the process of earning your online degree is by taking equivalency tests. Take advantage of these test and speed up the process.
  • 5 Reasons Why People Fail Online Education  By : Bryan Wong
    Online education is becoming a more popular way to get one's degree. However, online education is not the same as offline education. There are many reasons why people fail online education, here are the top 5 reasons.
  • Two Main Concerns Associated With Online Degrees  By : Bryan Wong
    In today's world, the number of graduates who are earning online degrees is skyrocketing. However, there are many concerns related to online degrees.
  • The 5 Best Jobs For The Next 10 Years Part I  By : Bryan Wong
    When you choose a college major you want one that will give you a great chance to earn a good-earning income and will utilize your skills and interests. From that point of view we looked at major trends that are developing in our economy, that will greatly influence what jobs will be the most-in-demand for the next ten years.
  • Why Your Computer Skills Determine The Success Of Your Online  By : Bryan Wong
    Many take online courses to upgrade their degrees or earn degrees in new fields. However, one must be confident enough in his/her computer skills. Here is a list of skills you will need to succeed.
  • Financial Aid For Online Students - What is Possible and Where  By : Bryan Wong
    If you want a well-paying occupation, going to college is virtually essential. However, college is not cheap - it can be very expensive. Therefore, it's essential to get as much financial aid as you can.
  • Can You Write Something On Air Flow Meters?  By : Scott Fromherz
    If you are a parent of a school going child, you will be bound to be studying along with your child every day. You will have more tension than he/she has when the exams are around the corner and, needless to say, you will know "your" lessons better.
  • Why Learn a Foreign Language  By : Michael Gabrikow
    Some of the reasons to learn a foreign language that I'll utter here might seem a bit too obvious, whereas others could spark an interest, regardless, if they determine you to take up on a foreign language then I'll be a happy man.
  • Efficient Language Learning  By : Michael Gabrikow
    From free language learning courses, to course books and educational games, everyone boasts their technique as "the most efficient language learning method". This article rounded up a few of these methods that have truly proven to be effective.
  • How to Improve Vocabulary When Learning a Foreign Language  By : Michael Gabrikow
    Obtaining an initial vocabulary base is one of the key elements you need to focus on when learning a foreign language and afterwards, increasing your vocabulary is a constant process you need to go through.
  • And You Think Your Marriage is Complicated - The Historic Tale of Diane de Poitiers  By : Corina Clemence
    A funny account of the history of Diane de Poitiers the older woman, Henri II who became her lover at 13, his wife, Catherine de Medicis and fate of Chateau Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, France
  • Studying a Foreign Language Online  By : Michael Gabrikow
    Studying a foreign language is a time consuming process and with the fast paced lives we're living in today, time is not a commodity we can often spare. Internet can save you a lot of time and will allow you to study whenever you want and how much you want.
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary  By : Michael Gabrikow
    Building up your vocabulary is arguably the most important part of a language learning process. If you don't have a base vocabulary, you can't study grammar, you have absolutely no use for spelling or pronunciation exercises and writing or reading is definitely out of the question.
  • 6 Common Mistakes Made in Language Learning  By : Michael Gabrikow
    Language learning has a few common mistakes that apply to most learning methods. Whether you're studying using a free online course, through educational games, translated texts, flashcards or any other method, you're bound to find one of these mistakes.
  • The Advantages Of Audio Books  By : Eddie Lamb
    With the incredible advantage of listening to your favorite book instead of reading it, the popularity of audio books has now gone through the roof. There are now more and more book titles with audio book versions.
  • Loire Valley Chateaux - If Their Walls Could Talk  By : Corina Clemence
    What your teacher did not tell you about French history and the Loire Valley.
  • Special Education Has Changed Over Time  By : Paul Counts
    Special education has been assisting students with learning disabilities in the United States education system since the end of World War II. The first push for special education started when a group of parent-organized advocacy groups surfaced.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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