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  • Leading Through Change  By : Kimberly King
    Change is a part of everyone's life. It is even harder to cope with change when you are expected to assist others through the change process as a leader. You're having your own struggles and yet you must be a strong mentor to others. Here's how to lead others through change while adapting yourself.
  • Practical Ways to Bring Enchantment into Your Life  By : Barbara Holstein
    How to access positive states of well being again and again. These positive states are unique to you and often reflect your interests, talents, and potential. Here are some activities useful in helping you get in touch with your Enchanted Self.
  • Magical Universe Online Success Checklist  By : Saleem Rana
    What happens when you combine the law of attraction with online marketing? Here are 10 magical keys to check it out.
  • Magnetic Attraction, You Are The Company You Keep  By : Kunbi Korostensky
    If you truly want prosperity, happiness and success, it is imperative to be aware of the people you attract and surround yourself with. You cannot aim for exceptional transformation in your life, while continuing to keep with the old gang of mediocrity or as some people call them 'duds' who drain your energy.
  • As Always Learn to Develop Patience  By : Katheryn Hoban
    develop patience
  • Be A Dreamer  By : Katheryn Hoban
    strive for greatness!! Dream big.
  • Working With Compassion  By : Katheryn Hoban
    Learn to develop your compassion
  • Why Have A Coach?  By : Clare Evans
    There are many positive benefits to working with a coach but it's not necessarily the right decision for everyone.

    Professional athletes have a coach to help them train hard and achieve the success they want.

    Find out what a coach can do for you.
  • When You're Afraid to Talk to Your Boss...  By : Laurie Weiss
    Learning to communicate effectively at work is a common challenge. It gets easier when you recognize how your own history may be creating the mis-perceptions that are blocking your success.
  • Are Limiting Beliefs Stopping You Reaching Your Potential  By : Clare Evans
    Our beliefs are formed from our experience of the world around us and often develop early on in life. Limiting beliefs are what stops us from moving forward and making progress by clouding our view of the world. Whatever you believe, will cause you to behave in a way that reinforces that belief.
  • Finding Love and Affinity in The Throes of A Change  By : Kunbi Korostensky
    Irrelevant of the changes people experience, there's a common factor. This is the amount of self criticism people heap on themselves. It's almost as if people want to make themselves pay for their own pain and anguish. But since flogging yourself or blaming others won't benefit you except to keep you stuck, you need to do something different.
  • Identify Your Ideal Clients and How To Reach Them  By : Wayne Messick
    If you expect to succeed as a professional solution provider - coach, consultant, etc., you first have to last. Just last long enough and you'll be the only person who got started when you did, who is still around.
  • Indulge In Prosperity  By : Kristin S. Kopp
    Explore strategies for getting out of your own way and allow your dreams to manifest!
  • The Six Pillars of Inner Balance.  By : Ineke Van Lint
    Many people are building their inner balance and happiness on one single pillar. This is a dangerous situation! When you are resting on six pillars and one of them crumbles, there will be no need for drama.
  • Are You Still Complaining After Reading This?  By : Ineke Van Lint
    People are all the time about everything. As a child, I was innocent enough to believe there was plenty of reason to. In the meantime I found out that good things can happen only when we stay connected to each other and to the Universe. It's all about "connection." It has nothing to do with circumstances.
  • Love Yourself First  By : Robin Schepper
    Rethink Valentine's Day to be about you and how you love and take care of yourself
  • Learn How to Love Yourself  By : Ineke Van Lint
    What does that mean to love yourself? Loving yourself is building a strong inner connection with yourself. You need to learn how to be a loving parent for yourself. First you need to develop your female energy : your Inner Mother, that part of you that is always caring, loving, accepting and understanding you. You also need to develop your inner masculine energy : your Inner Father, who is there to protect you and to act for you in the outside world.
  • Activate the Energy of the Universe  By : Ineke Van Lint
    There is no such thing like people with a lot of energy and other ones without energy. The difference is that energetic people know how to activate this always available energy. And the low energy people, they block this energy, which is although always available for them too!
  • Bring Love into Your Life  By : Ineke Van Lint
    Do you feel lonely, are you dreaming of the right one who will show up one day and end all the misery you're going through now?
    The bad news is this will not happen.
    The good news is YOU can do a lot yourself to feel loved.
  • How to Win at the Game of Life  By : Saleem Rana
    In any company, in any entrepreneurial venture, it is the service provider who takes home the money. The slackers, the cynics, and the rebels watch the prizes fly past their noses. See why providing excellent service automatically leads to riches.
  • 5 Conversation Tips for Dealing with Awkward People  By : Peter Murphy
    Any good conversation tips must include reference to things you just should not do. There are some habits that you should put a stop to so you can communicate effectively.
  • Conversation Starters that Work Like Magic  By : Peter Murphy
    There are five basic things you must know about starting a conversation that will end up being interesting and fun. The following outline explains how and why they work. Try keeping these in mind the next time you chose to start a conversation.
  • How To Choose The Best Professional Organizer For You  By : Nathan F. Shaw
    Here are some tips from a Professional Organizer for how to choose the right Professional Organizer for you.
  • What Is Life Coaching?  By : Regina Maniam
    Are you wondering what is life coaching? It is becoming increasingly popular and something that you may want to consider for yourself.
  • The Secret to Real Confidence  By : Jon Mercer
    The real "secret" to building stronger confidence is in leveraging the power of self-acceptance and self-appreciation.
  • Focus and Concentration Tips: How to Make Your Mind Stay on Track  By : Rene Graeber
    Gaining focus and maintaining concentration on school, work, or whatever your goal is quite a challenge for most people. Both things however are important if you wish to attain your objectives efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage Your Career - What Is Success?  By : Ken Mathie
    Everyone in life wants to be a success. Success is a state of mind. You are able because you think you are able! Different people perceive success differently at different points in their lives.
  • Manage Your Career - Forming a Vision For Your Career  By : Ken Mathie
    It is extremely important to know where you are going in life.

    In this article, we will work out exercises that will help you enhance your career choices and explore other options. We aim to help you form a career vision and determine your perception of an ideal day at work!
  • Manage Your Career - Begin With the End in Mind  By : Ken Mathie
    Know where you are going in life! To achieve that, there's only one place to start that's inside your mind.

    Creating a vision and a mission of what you want out of life will provide you with some direction and momentum to move forward and manage your career.
  • How to Put Together a Winning CV Part One  By : Ken Mathie
    The abbreviation CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, which literally means Life List. The purpose of writing a CV is to sell you and your unique skills to get an interview. It refers to what you have done in your career till date and specifics regarding your qualifications.
  • How to Put Together a Winning CV Part Two CV Layout  By : Ken Mathie
    CV Layout: The following are the sections that should be displayed in your CV, typically in the order suggested although some variations can be incorporated, these are mentioned later in the document, for now look at this for an illustration:
  • How to Put Together a Winning CV Part Three Formal Qualifications  By : Ken Mathie
    This section of your CV is headed as Education sometimes, however we think putting it under qualifications sounds more relevant.
  • The Power Of Persistence  By : Piercarla Garusi
    I went recently to see the movie 'The Pursuit of Happiness'; if you haven't seen it, please go, it is great. It could be the story of so many of us and it is about some of the most important qualities we need in order to succeed and be happy.

    It begins with a dream...well it is a dream we all have...
  • Breaking Free of Bad Habits  By : Diann Cannon
    A professional Life Coach recounts her personal experience with addiction and discusses the destructive behaviors that are typically seen as a result. Learn specific methods for breaking free and challenge yourself to be the "leader in your own life".
  • The Importance of Percolation  By : Lael Johnson
    Describes how percolation works throughout the creative process.
  • Parent Reading Night  By : John Nowly
    The following article covers information on improving reading comprehension.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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