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  • Prosperity is Simple  By : Dan Brown
    All we must do to attract the things we desire is...
  • How To Be Outrageously Blessed  By : Dan Brown
    If Satan can get you unplugged from fellowship with fellow believers and isolate you from God's family, you become perfect breeding ground for all kinds of negative circumstances to arise in your life.
  • Miracles Happen Every Day--Open Your Eyes!  By : Katheryn Hoban
    Discussion on Miracles!!
  • Angels Among Us Part 3  By : Katheryn Hoban
    discussion on angels
  • Angels Among Us Part 1  By : Katheryn Hoban
    learning about angels
  • Angels Among Us Part 2  By : Katheryn Hoban
    discussion on angels
  • The Gospel of Judas - Christianity's Most Wanted in a New Light  By : David Maillie
    Judas Iscariot is the person who betrayed Jesus Christ and had stood as one of the most hated men in history. That is until the Gospel of Judas came along and shattered all myths. Considered the greatest archaeological find in the last sixty years, the Gospel of Judas has had the Christian world up in flames, by presenting Judas in an entirely different light.
  • The Mourning Process  By : Diana Burg
    I think we, no, I should say I, often forget that grieving is an extremely individual process. No one can really experience grief in the way I do, and no one can experience it in the way you do.
  • The New Character of Grief  By : Diana Burg
    When Lorelle and I first wrote this grief devotional, Mourning Glory, the world of grief, as well as the world at large, seemed much smaller.
  • The Joy of the Lord  By : Diana Burg
    No one could have been more amazed than this devout atheist when I was first in AA and discovered through the exercises discussed in the book Getting to Know God, that there was a God, a good God, a loving God, even a joyful God.
  • The Stages of Grief  By : Diana Burg
    Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote about the five stages of catastrophic loss in her book," On Death and Dying". While she was speaking to the terminally ill patient, most people have found that the stages she defines work as well for almost any kind of grief.
  • Hospital Visits: What Do You Talk About?  By : Lisa Copen
    Hospital visits are one of those things we are supposed to do, but they are always awkward. What works? We asked some former patients what they appreciated.
  • Is There Purpose In Suffering?  By : Sharon Young
    We don't have to be in this world long before we experience pain, failure, disappointment, frustration or a myriad of other means of suffering that cause us to grieve. We're destined to suffer.
  • 6 Ways to Let Those with Chronically Illness in Your Church Know You Care  By : Lisa Copen
    Too few churches recognize how many chronically ill people are in their church: 1 in 3! How can we reach this population in pain?
  • Finding More Love in Your Life  By : Jinger Jarrett
    Real love isn't what we think it is. It requires sacrifice. To find real love in your life, you have to change. Through real and lasting change in your life, you'll make the world a better place.
  • God Helps Those Who Help Themselves  By : Saleem Rana
    Confused about whether you should "let go and let God" or "take arms against a sea of misfortune and thus opposing end them?" This article reveals an elegant solution for this age-old dilemma.
  • The Healing Power Of Forgiveness  By : Saleem Rana
    When we forgive others, we learn to heal the wounds that they have inflicted upon us. We forgive them for our own sake. We break the karmic bonds between us and we heal from our depression and fear. We open up a way to live a fuller life.
  • Trust And Obey Part I  By :
    Joshua stood at the Jordan river and wondered if God would really use him to lead the great people of Israel into the Promised Land. His human weaknesses doubted his ability to do it, but his belief in the miracle working power of God made him Trust and Obey.
  • In An Instant  By :
    When we are aware of how our environment changes then we go through the seasons of life and accept the climate differences. This is the way it should be when we are challenged in stressful situations in life.
  • Why Did My Child Die  By :
    A mother clasps the hands of a dying child and her prayers reach the heavens above with pleads for help. Gods angels are sent to perform miracles in that mothers life. If the child is destined to die then the angel gives the mother the strength she will need to endure the pain of loss. If the child is to live then the angel gives the mother a celebration over the miracle of life.
  • How to Hear From God  By : Dan Brown
    We want to hear from God so that we may be led to pursue the right things. Unfortunately, there are always four voices in every ones head at any given time. So, how are we to be sure to hear from God with all the noise going on?
  • Hope for a Village in Africa  By : John Savage
    This small village in Kenya did not know Gods power until a humble Christian named Anderson was sent to break the strongholds of fear and bring Truth into lives.
  • Abundance and Prosperity is Our Decision  By : Dan Brown
    It's been said, You can't steer a parked car. Just like a parked car cannot be steered, God cannot steer us in the direction we need to go unless we are moving.
  • Desert Rain: Karths Story  By : John Savage
    Karth awakened from a deep sleep and immediately felt a strong sense of urgency overcome his body. What he had experienced could not have been a dream.
  • Who Is My Hero  By :
    The Lord God Almighty looked down upon the ragging firestorm and took flight into the night air abandoning the perfection of Heaven to fight for the children He loved. God strapped on His sword of righteousness and waged a great battle against the evil serpent of the world.
  • Gospel Goes Full Circle in Puerto Rico  By : John Savage
    I am a church pastor in Puerto Rico. One day I was teaching an adult Sunday school class about the importance of evangelism.
  • The Creator Of The Heavenly Lights  By :
    A sparkling white dove floated down leaving a trail of sunbeams in it's flight. It's wings were spread out and it's eyes showed a determination to bring a urgent message of love from Jesus Christ.
  • A Miracle in Monterrey  By : John Savage
    One by one, Paloma watches gang members walk out of the warm Monterrey sun, and into her tiny home.
  • Why You Should Be Your Own Best Friend  By : Dan Brown
    We live in a fallen world and there's already too much in life that is against us anyway. We don't need to be beating up on ourselves too.
  • Breakthrough Your 3 "Hidden Barriers" To More Success and Abundance In 21 Days  By : Elisha Goodman
    Are there hidden barriers to the release of abundance? Article gives 3 principles to get clear of them and move into divine abundance as fast as possible.
  • Gods Word Stops Aids  By : John Savage
    The African pastor sighs, looking around at the faces in his community. If there is a place where HIV is tough, he says, it is in this place.
  • The Changed Life of a Sorcerer  By : John Savage
    Minhs life was immersed in sorcery, he was one of five generations that prcticed the trade.
  • A Valentine Lost And Then Found  By :
    Tears filled my eyes as the words poured forth in perfect harmony, thoughts of love. It seemed like a dream, yet the feelings surrounded my being and penetrated my thoughts. So many years had past and yet each word brought memories so clear of the love I felt for my soul mate.
  • How Reliable Are the Gospels?  By : Jerry Boone
    Jesus was a historical figure. Modern historians and scholars agree. That tells us something, but not a whole lot. Davy Crockett was a real man too. But Walt Disney turned the real man into a legend. How about the story of Jesus? Did the Gospel writers take the real man, Jesus of Nazareth, and embellish him with such things as a virgin birth, miracles, and resurrection? Let's check it out!
  • Was Jesus a Historical Figure?  By : Jerry Boone
    Of course Christians claim Jesus was a real historical character, but some today have their doubts. Does secular history help shed any light on Jesus' life? "You bet!" say modern scholars and historians. "And the answer is beyond dispute." So what have they discovered? Let's check it out!
  • From Corruption to Christ in Cambodia  By : John Savage
    I was a corrupt official, a powerful leader in my community, but I used my authority to threaten people.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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