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  • Satellite Tv is a Liberator  By : Keith Londrie
    Satellite TV is a Liberator or the first time in history, India's Republic Day was seen live all over Asia on Star TV, and the fuming politicians and intellectuals of Pakistan could do nothing about it.
  • The HDTV Receiver Perfect for your HDTV: Increasing your Viewing Power  By : Sandra Stammberger
    Watching television has progressed from a luxury that only few had in their homes in the middle of the last century to the point where most consumers not only have one television, but often they may have several. And television programming has expanded greatly from just the three big networks to a whole host of other channels as well.
  • Satellite Internet  By : Fommy
    Satellite-Internet.cc is a solution for all users, which provides high speed connection, Satellite Internet, Hughesnet, Hughes net service, Satellite Broadband , Direcway, Internet Satellite, Broadband internet solutions, Satellite Internet Connection, Satellite Internet Service to home and commercial consumers throughout North American region. This technology is based on satellite internet and requires a clear view to the southern sky.
  • Virgin Media and Sky Row Drags On  By : Chris Marshall
    The dispute between Virgin Media and Sky over the rights to a number of non-premium Sky channels has dragged on over the weekend and now enters a crucial stage with the channels set to go off air for Virgin Media customers this Thursday (March 1).
  • Virgin Media Customers Set to Lose Sky Channels  By : Chris Marshall
    Virgin Media customers look set to lose a number of Sky channels after talks broke down between the two companies.
  • Global Star Satellite Phones - What Are They?  By : Riley Hendersen
    Global Star Satellite phones work using the same technology as regular cell phones, just that instead of using a nearby tower the boosts signals, they can locate satellites that are designed to go around the earth in a low enough orbit to receive and send signals.
  • Dish Network Satellite TV - The Right Choice  By : Riley Hendersen
    Dish network satellite TV has become an increasingly popular option among consumers who want more than the basic four or five stations, but who aren't satisfied with what basic cable has to offer.
  • Why Purchase A Digital TV Satellite System  By : Craig Thornburrow
    The cable and satellite battle is heated. Here are the reasons why satellite should be your number one choice.
  • 900 Numbers for Television  By : Robert Bentz
    900 numbers are a great way to gauge public opinion, especially during live television events.
  • Digital Filmmaking is the Future  By : Kallore Gandhi
    With a digital camcorder in hand, you can now make your very own professional quality film at a fraction of the cost it takes to make a feature film with the traditional celluloid camera.
  • Digital Satellite TV Dish System Needed For HD  By : Asi Sveinsson
    To receive the new high definition programming on your new television set through a satellite service, you will need to have a digital satellite tv dish system properly hooked up to your television. Otherwise, the HD broadcasted program may not be as sharp and clear as you expected.
  • Video Testing made Easy for Broadcasters  By : Bill Reckwerdt
    This paper explores the challenges Broadcasters face when assessing video quality. Many factors affect the video before it gets to the TV: compression, image processing, scaling, decoding, transmission, etc.
  • Repeatable Video Testing Tools for Equipment Manufacturers  By : Bill Reckwerdt
    This paper explores the challenges Video Equipment Manufacturers face when assessing video quality. Assessing video quality ultimately depends on the customer's reaction on their new display (PC, POD, TV, etc.).
  • Satellite Broadcasting Is Out Of This World  By : Ben Franklin
    The satellite industry is expanding very fast and creates a horizon of new opportunities and exciting, innovative cutting-edge technologies.
  • Do You Want Cable or Satellite TV?  By : Stephanie Foster
    There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether you want to buy cable or satellite television. The right decision depends on your needs.
  • Current Status of Video Objective Measurements  By : Bill Reckwerdt
    This paper explores the challenges associated with assessing video quality. When dealing with equipment to process TV & video transmissions, every design depends on accurate, repeatable measurements. A complex relationship between objective parameter measurements and subjective video quality exists. The goal is to achieve an objective metric; that is an automated measurement.
  • Measuring to Find the Best Video Processing and Compression Algorithms  By : Bill Reckwerdt
    Each broadcaster - traditional or web caster - must deal with rapidly changing varieties of programming, new video processing algorithms, and new compression algorithms. This whitepaper discusses how to choose the best algorithm.
  • Satellite TV System Offers Programming Options  By : Asi Sveinsson
    There is nothing like the clear, digital signal from a satellite tv system, with a plethora of channels, programming options and few service interruptions. Programming choices offer something of interest for everyone in the household.
  • Have an HDTV to Match Your High Definition Lifestyle  By : Lee Dobbins
    Find out about HDTV so that you can make the right decisions when incorporating this into your home theater.
  • Satellite Dishes Are the Boon in Modern Technology  By : Keith Londrie
    With the advancement of technologies, satellite television came in to existence. Satellite television is a revolution when compared to terrestrial and cable television, as it received signals from communication satellites in the space. In many places these satellite television supplement its conventional counterparts to get wide range of channels.
  • Digital Entertainment from Space Satellite  By : Keith Londrie
    Satellite is an object that orbits another object. There are many kind of satellites used for many purposes. For communication and entertainment artificial communication satellites are used.
  • Digital TV Explained  By : Chris Marshall
    Digital TV can be received in four different ways, each with its own features and suppliers. The service that you are able to receive may depend on whereabouts you live.
  • Setting Up Your Satellite TV System  By : Robert Gravener
    Satellite TV can deliver many more and a much larger range of channels and services than your standard cable service, but how? In this article we'll discuss how to setup your own system.
  • CCTV: You Are Being Watched, No Matter Where You Are  By : NamSing Then
    CCTV. A boon or a bane? You decide.
  • TV Satellite Dish Demystified  By : Robert Gravener
    TV Satellite Dishes may seem complicated, but when you break it down - it's only a few short steps between you and an ocean of channels, movies, music and other entertainment to surf! In this article, I will tell you how you can setup your own TV Satellite Dish and how it works so you will sound like a pro.
  • Building Your Own Digital Video Recorder  By : Robert Rogers
    DVR is a great idea. It let's you record TV shows like a VCR, but instead of VHS tapes, it stores video onto a hard drive. Here's how I turned my PC into a DVR machine for $40.
  • About the Satellite Dish  By : Keith Londrie
    Satellite technology has made leaps and bounds over the last decade, introducing the world to a whole new era of television entertainment. But have you ever wondered just how a satellite dish works? So did we.
  • Satellite TV is Making the Cable Companies Run Scared  By : Keith Londrie
    Satellite TV holds a great advantage over the cable TV companies. Not only is the picture and sound quality superior, but there's more choice in what to watch. If you said to yourself 'there's nothing on TV', switch to satellite. The differences couldn't be more obvious.
  • Dish Network Online Sales  By : Ryan Arsendatama
    Over 11 million people in the United States use Dish Network's satellite TV. If you are one of the unlucky one's who has been left behind, then get the best deal through Dish network online sales. You will come across hordes of websites that offer the Dish network satellite TV, along with hundreds of freebies ranging from DVR systems, satellite receivers, home theater systems and DVD players.
  • Set-Top Box  By : Keith Londrie
    Set-top box

    This term describes a specialised computer which translates incoming digital signals into a form suitable for viewing on a standard television set. The source of the signals could be a digital satellite or terrestrial broadcast, a cable television channel or a video-on-demand programme sent down a telephone line.
  • A Myth or A Reality - Cheap Satellite TV  By : Carlie Edwards
    Everyone now has the ability to get cheap satellite TV services. What you need ask yourself is whether you want the cheapest price per channel or the cheapest package.
  • Topeka Satellite TV Deals  By : Carlie Edwards
    Rapidly becoming extremely popular in the USA and many other parts of the world is satellite television. If you live in Topeka Kansas, we have compiled some great information about Topeka Satellite TV deals.
  • Home Theater Design: Widescreen Or Standard TV For Your Home Theater?  By : David Thomas
    Should you really go for a widescreen TV for your home theater? The issue is not at all clear-cut! Find out why you might want to go for a standard TV in this article.
  • Downloading TV Shows Over the Internet  By : Andrew James
    Technology has surely made things simpler. The wonderful aspect is that it never ends. The cool things that we find amazing today, will only be a fraction of what's to come
  • The Dish on Satellite TV  By : Jay Stockman
    The evolution of television has seen dramatic acceleration recently. Satellite TV has truly revolutionized the global viewing experience.
  • HDTV - The Future of Television  By : Harry Rockwell
    Many consider HDTV to be one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. By providing wider pictures with enhanced details and the clear look of a movie screen, it's no wonder so many people are excited about this revolutionary product.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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