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  • Courier Through Time  By : James Monahan
    Throughout history, other forms of communication advanced, and the fundamental need for a courier has taught man to use different methods and approaches to transport valuable documents and other resources from one place to another.
  • Binders in Our Lives  By : James Monahan
    Have you ever lost track of your appointments? Or the telephone number of an important business contact? Then the binder is for you.
  • The Future of Making Money Is At Home  By : Lance Murkin
    A nice article that stresses the positives of having a homebased business
  • Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate Marketing  By : Emmanuel Aubrey
    Are you a webmaster who needs funds to keep your website running? Or is your website the only way for you to earn income? Whichever you are, for as long as you are a webmaster or a web publisher and you need cash, affiliate marketing may work well for you.
  • Web & Video Conferencing Technology: Five Great Reasons to Start Utilizing Online Meetings Now  By : Dan Richmond
    Several years ago I was in a computer store and a salesman was trying to sell me something, in fact, he was trying to sell me anything that he could. I said that I had the latest computer and really didn't need anything more. Then he showed me a web camera and I thought for a few seconds, but I really couldn't figure out why I would need that gadget. Now things have changed and that salesman could get the sale from me, because the time is right to start conducting online web and video conferences. Here are a few reasons why the age of web conferencing has truly arrived:
  • Do You Have Abrasive Friends Like These?  By : James Monahan
    Abrasive personalities 101: Are you friends with people that constantly drain your energy, in both obvious and subtle ways? Several types of people will exhaust you or deter you from your path of extreme self-care. The people with abrasive personalities will slowly but surely suck the life out of you. So watch out!
  • Arrest Trade Barriers by Free Trade Agreements  By : James Monahan
    Trade barriers are artificial disincentive to export or import traders.
  • Video & Web Conferencing: How to Choose the System That is Best For You  By : Dan Richmond
    Video conferencing, web conferencing and online meetings are fast becoming important tools for organizations that must communicate with staff, clients or students in different geographical locations. If you have been thinking about using this technology for your enterprise, it is important to first outline your needs and then match them with the various online conferencing systems that are being offered in the marketplace. Here are a few things to consider when you shop around for the system that is best for you:
  • Reselling Web Conferencing Services: How to Profit From the Coming Boom in Web & Video Conferencing  By : Dan Richmond
    If you want to make money in an online business, then you need to find a product or service that is fresh, up-to-date and that hasn't been beaten to death with hundreds of copy-cat affiliates. Web and video conferencing are relatively new applications, and becoming a reseller of online conferencing services could be a good way to start up or add to an already existing online business. Let's take a look at the prospects for this type of online enterprise.
  • The Bulgarian Property Market  By : surrinder Ahitan
    Bulgaria is proving to be the hotspot for European property and it is advised to make your moves while the prices are still attractive.
  • How A Decision Can Save Your Life  By : Saleem Rana
    Mr. Galen Litchfield, the manager of Asia Life Insurance, was in Shanghai when Japanese troops invaded. This was in 1942, after the invasion of Pearl Harbor. His ability to make sound decisions saved his life. You, too, can learn to be decisive and get better results in your life.
  • Are You Guessing In The Dark When It Comes To E-Commerce?  By : Jinger Jarrett
    The internet changes so quickly that if you don't educate yourself, or you're new to internet marketing, you'll fail in your business efforts. To get the most from your marketing, spend your money wisely and find a marketing education site that will not only save you time, but money.
  • Flipping Houses for Gold: How to Find the Perfect Fixer  By : Jeanette Joy Fisher
    Many real estate investors enjoy "flipping houses," or buying and selling houses quickly for profit. If you're looking to get started investing in real estate by fixing and flipping houses, you'll want to know what type of property to buy.
  • Eight Steps to a Successful Video or Web Conference  By : Dan Richmond
    A successful video or web conference can really give a boost to your organization. Online conferencing is now connecting people in a way that was not possible in the pre-Internet era. However, as powerful a tool as online conferencing is, it works best when you prepare your conferences properly. Here are some steps that you can take to help guarantee that your next video or web conference is a great success.
  • Why Video & Web Conferencing Are Heading Towards Mass Acceptance  By : Dan Richmond
    The time is right for video and web conferencing to take off. While online conferencing is still seen as a technological novelty by some people, more and more businesses of all sizes are finding it be the solution to doing business and communicating with prospects, clients, employees and branch offices in an era of rising transport costs. Let's take a look at some of the factors that are bringing web and video conferencing to a very wide audience.
  • How To Solve Unsolvable Problems  By : Saleem Rana
    When Willis H. Carrier was a young man, he worked for the Buffalo Forge Company in Buffalo, New York. One of his toughest projects was the installation of a gas-cleaning device in a plant of the Pittsburgh Glass Company at Crystal City, Missouri. As Willis worked on this project, problems arose - because, while the device did work, it did not work properly. Stunned by his failure, Willis got nervous, upset, and physically ill, and he obsessed about the malfunctioning device to the point of insomnia. This is the story of how he solved this problem. You will learn how you can solve unsolvable problems, too.
  • The 7 Keys To Astonishing Success  By : Saleem Rana
    Here are seven essential keys to success. Use these ideas to find ways to stretch your beliefs about what is possible. Break free of self-imposed limits. Follow these principles and you will realize your dream.
  • The Secret to New Ideas  By : Jon Weaver
    Discover the secret to finding new ideas. It could be millions of dollars in your pockets, a better widget -- whatever idea it is, THIS is the secret to finding it.
  • Six Ways Video & Web Conferencing Can Benefit Your Business  By : Dan Richmond
    Just as e-mail and company websites forever changed the way businesses communicate with their prospects, clients and employees, video & web conferencing technology is now making geography even more inconsequential, allowing businesses to reduce their expenses as well as increase their productivity and profitability.
  • 20 Ways To Improve Your Life  By : Saleem Rana
    People often ask me how they can improve their lives. I always give them very specific advice on simple things they can do to create a radical shift in their experience of life. Here are 20 ways to improve your life. I challenge you to act on each one. Adopt one a day. You will be done with the list in 20 days, but in 3 months time, your life will have changed beyond recognition!
  • Web and Video Conferencing: Who's Using this New Technology?  By : Dan Richmond
    Who is making use of web and video conferencing, and how are they using it? Here is a look at some of the enterprises and institutions that are being transformed by the intelligent use of this up-and-coming technology.
  • A Story Of Unbelievable Persistence  By : Saleem Rana
    This is the story of Richard M. DeVos and his high-school buddy, Jay Van Andel, who came home after the Second World War convinced that the aviation business would be the trend of the future. It's about how they never gave up despite obstacle after obstacle.
  • How An Executive Can Spot Creative Potential in Others  By : Jon Weaver
    One of the most important responsibilities any executive must handle is seeing that his company gets "the most" from its workers. This is particularly so when it comes to creativeness- the production of the ideas upon which the company is dependent to make money, or to operate efficiently and at a profit. Here is how you can increase productivity all while boosting morale.
  • For The Serious Internet Marketer: Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Reach 1000s of Buyers today  By : Chris Ellington
    There is one thing that matters (and one thing only) in the realm of internet marketing: Converting the random web surfer into a pre-qualified, pre-sold visitor to your website. Here's a quick and easy way to do that.
  • Who Else Wants To Know Oprah's Secrets To Wealth & Success?  By : Saleem Rana
    In my opinion, Oprah Winfrey has an invaluable secret. Ironically, she shares it openly with everyone, but few get it. This is the secret to her abundance and popularity. She draws wealth and success to her like a magnet attracts iron filings using a very simple principle that anyone can adopt.
  • The Choice between Yes and Yes: A Psychological Revelation  By : Sean D'Souza
    Clients come to you every single day asking you to give them a choice. A choice between yes and yes. Instead all you're giving them is a choice between yes and no.
  • Get the Internet on Your Own Terms   By : Chris Ellington
    RSS for the rest of us. Why would regular web surfers like you and me bother to set up and use an RSS reader?
  • Shaping Music with iPod Accessories  By : Denis Smith
    Car Accessories at TechFocus: iPod, MP3, PDA & GPS accessories, headphones, flash memory, chargers, memory sticks & gadgets in our online shop.Music can shape lives, define generations and cross borders. The invention of the iPod has made it even easier to create and access your very own personal soundtrack to life. Capable of storing thousands of individual tracks, this definitive MP3 player is an essential piece of equipment for any music lover and has proven to be an international
  • Now Wash Your Hands (NWYH). A case study in bad business practice.  By : Andrew Skinner
    Since the beginning of the Internet there have been cowboy design agencies, taking advantage of companies without the skills to do the job themselves. This article exposes bad business practice by examining a case study of Now Wash Your Hands (NWYH), a UK design agency in London.
  • Why Your Soft Serve Ice Cream Business Should Join A Franchise  By : Consuelo Hernandez
    It’s a big decision to a growing business, when it comes time to choose the next path. Do you expand your current business as is, or is it time to get into a franchise and reap the benefits of a large social network? The following article will help you decide.
  • Important vs. Urgent: The Crisis Trap  By : Judy Tucker
    Constantly operating in crisis mode is exciting but dangerous. Contract management is a good example of an important but not urgent issue that has a nasty habit of demanding attention in the most expensive way at the worst time. Here are suggestions for a process that can help shift the balance from short-term firefighting to true productivity.
  • iMemories White Paper Part -I  By : Bathgems
    One of the hottest trends in social media today is online home videos, which often involve an extra step up front to first transform the older physical media (reels and tapes) to digital format before posting and sharing online
  • iMemories White Paper  By : Bathgems
    Boring home video of Cousin Dan’s trip to the Grand Canyon….tedious shots of Susie’s first piano recital….shaky footage of a poorly lit 1970s Christmas….We’ve all suffered through terrible home movies.
  • iMemories Tutorial  By : Bathgems
    Every now and then, you may discover that the home movies you recently had converted to DVD format will not play on your DVD player at home.
  • DMAIC vs. DMADV  By : Tony Jacowski
    DMAIC and DMADV are the most common Six Sigma methodologies. However, people often confuse the two. This article demystifies each one.
  • Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)  By : Tony Jacowski
    Confused about DFSS? This article gives you all the main points you need to know about DFSS to implement Six Sigma successfully in your organization.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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