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  • How to Get Cheap Color Contact Lenses  By : Tatyana Turner
    If you compare color contact lens prices at the doctor's office and at online contact lens shops, you will see that online you can get your lenses 50 to 70 percent cheaper. But you may ask, why such huge difference? Are the lenses sold online inferior in quality? Find out how you can buy discount color lenses and avoid all the pitfalls.
  • How To Enhance The Beauty You Already Have  By : Gregg Hall
    With plastic surgery becoming more and more popular, it is evident that many women are seeking to recreate their features into an image of something else. Rather than looking for their own beauty and enhancing it, they are looking for a quick fix to enhance their beauty by changing what they have naturally.
  • Your Deodorant - Is There Danger Lurking Within?  By : Christine Farlow
    Did you ever read the ingredients on your deodorant label and wonder about the safety of the almost unpronounceable chemicals listed in the too tiny to read print? If not, you're like most people. You don't expect to find products on store shelves that contain harmful ingredients. But beware...
  • Women And Acne: Don't Be Embarrased, You Are Not Alone!  By : Sandra Stammberger
    Acne is something that no one wants to have to deal with but unfortunately millions and millions of women do. If you have acne or have suffered from it in the past then you know how painful this affliction can be.
  • Follow Homemade Beauty Tips - For Beauty Is In Nature's Grips  By : David Maillie
    Here are some proven homemade beauty tips that will make you shine.
  • Some Tips To Deal With Wrinkles  By : Gregg Hall
    There are many treatments now that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or even erase them altogether. The advancements in medical science and in cosmetic science have provided us with a wide range of treatments that can help us turn back the clock and help us look younger.
  • Dermatologist Acne Treatments for a Guaranteed Flawless Complexion  By : David Maillie
    Dermatologists have been fighting acne for years and here is what they recommend.
  • Tips On Dealing With Stretch Marks  By : Gregg Hall
    Stretch marks are scientifically known as are a form of scarring. They usually rear their ugly heads during puberty, or as the result of excessive weight gain, such as during pregnancy. Even people who engage in body building can get stretch marks.
  • Heat up Your Relationship - Have a Pampering Day  By : Tracie Johansen
    Pamper yourself and your partner. A fun article filled with complete recipes for some yummy full body treatments, facials and massage oil.
  • A New Attack In The War Against Wrinkles  By : Gregg Hall
    In today's society there is a major emphasis placed on youth and vitality. With progress being made in a number of areas that have allowed people to seemingly remain younger longer, more and more people are choosing to delay the effects of aging, such as wrinkles. For a long time wrinkles appeared as one aged, seemingly alerting the world to their growing older.
  • Discover The Painless, Permanent Solution For Unwanted Hair  By : Ben Franklin
    The relatively painless process removes unwanted hair without the patient having to endure repetitive shaves, tweezes, waxes or the use harsh chemicals
  • Top Liposuction Surgeons Offer Services In Chicago  By : Ben Franklin
    The first step in finding the best doctor in Chicago to provide liposuction is a commitment on the patient's part to do some research.
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift - Defy Father Time and Mother Nature  By : David Maillie
    There are now products that can emulate the same change as plastic surgery without going under the knife. Now you can look 10-15 years younger and for a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery.
  • Celebrity Beauty Tips - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips of the Stars  By : David Maillie
    Every awards show we see our current Hollywood stars in all their glory draped in the hottest designer wares. But as much or more effort goes into those hot hairstyles. Your hairstyleand makeup can make you or break you. Read on for the latest tips from the hottest stars.
  • People with Oily Skin Need Moisturizers, Too  By : Charles Kassotis
    Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is an important aspect of skin care.
  • Latest Hairstyles - 2005 And Beyond  By : Michael Barrows
    What were the latest hairstyle trends in 2005 and how will hair be worn in 2006? This article looks at the latest hairstyle trends.
  • Punk Hairstyles - From Rebel Culture To Fashion Statement  By : Michael Barrows
    Punk hairstyles are unique and colorful. This article looks at the development of punk hairstyles since the 1970s and examines the modern trends in punk hairstyles.
  • How To Care For Oily Skin  By : Gregg Hall
    Whether you are a teenager or an adult, oily skin has been the bane of many people just like you. No one likes that greasy feeling and the dirt that accumulates on your face, not to mention the shine that makes you cringe at the idea of flash photography. But there is a solution to this problem and one that is simpler and surprisingly gentler than what you may previously have thought.
  • So, What The Heck Is An Emo Hair Style Anyway?  By : Michael Barrows
    The Emo hair style is a largely teenage style and part of a whole "look". But what exactly is the Emo hair style. This article explores the various features that make up this hairstyle.
  • Common Factors Contributing to Dry Skin  By : Gregg Hall
    Weather can be one of your skin's worst enemies, especially during the winter season. As we go through this dilemma, we should remember that there are numerous factors aside from the one mentioned above which put your skin to the normal condition of wear and tear.
  • How And Why Your Skin Ages  By : Gregg Hall
    For as long as one can remember, it has always been the pursuit of many to keep their youthful looks, even at great costs. And in this day and age, the trend has not changed. Now more than ever, methods, techniques and treatments meant to retain that "youthful glow" proliferate everywhere.
  • Take Care Of Your Skin From The Inside Out  By : Gregg Hall
    What if you were told that there was a way to make your skin healthier, younger looking aside from these methods? A method that does not include scalpels, suctions, topical solutions and others? Wouldn't it be great? Alas, you might say, it hasn't happened yet, maybe some day in the far-off future. But what if you were told that it was possible even today. Would you flip?
  • How To Protect Your Skin  By : Gregg Hall
    No one can deny that having a healthy, fair skin is critical to a living a perfectly wonderful life. It frees you from the wrath of symptoms caused by skin diseases.

    Skin is perhaps one of the most important parts of your body for it protects you from a host of diseases that may pose a threat to your existence.
  • Questions to Ask Before Liposuction  By : Jessica Deets
    Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or suction lipectomy, is not only a science but also a way of artistic expression. So when you are choosing your doctor, you have to see that apart from him being a qualified surgeon, he should have sculpting endeavors too.
  • How Real Dermatologists And Plastic Surgeons Cure And Treat Fine Lines, Wrinkles, And Acne  By : David Maillie
    We asked real dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the country what they recommended for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and acne and here is what they said.
  • How to Care for a Synthetic Wig  By : Tatyana Turner
    Caring for a synthetic wig is really easy, but there are a few tricks that will help keep your wig looking excellent for a long time. Find out the do's and don'ts of caring for your wig, to keep it looking like new for many months.
  • Choosing A Makeup Foundation  By : Gregg Hall
    As the base for all the make-up you apply to your face, foundation can play a huge part in whether your look becomes a success or a flop. There are two major decisions to be made when it comes to selecting the right foundation for you - color and consistency.
  • How To Keep Your Eyes Looking Young And Healthy  By : Gregg Hall
    They don't call them the "windows to the soul" for nothing! The eyes never lie. If you're feeling and looking great, your eyes will shine and
    sparkle. If you're sad and lonely your eyes will give you away every time.
  • Natural Beauty Tips  By : Gregg Hall
    When people first meet one of the very first things they notice is your face. There many other reasons for maintaining clean and healthy skin, but this is an important one as well. Having clear and beautiful skin is also vital to one's confidence and self esteem.
  • Water Retention  By : Kevin Pederson
    If you think you are too big for your clothes, your face is puffy and looks swollen when you get up in the morning, then you are suffering from water retention. The other symptoms are bloating of the stomach or tightness of the ring in the finger. Your shoes will pinch and all these events will cause you a lot of discomfort. This is called water retention or edema.
  • Synthetic or Human Hair Wig - How to Make the Right Choice  By : Tatyana Turner
    When they consider wearing a wig, either because of hair loss or just for fun, most people ask, should I go for human hair wig or synthetic hair. The answer is not as obvious as you may think - find out the pros and cons of each type of wig, so you can make an educated decision about which one to choose.
  • Best Hairstyle Fashions and Beauty Trends for 2006  By : David Maillie
    Some of these hairstyles and treatments are expected and some will be a complete surprise as most of us thought they were best left in the past.
  • Clip-in Hair Extensions - Advertising Hype or Amazing Results?  By : Tatyana Turner
    Want to turn your hair into beautiful, flowing locks in minutes without visiting a salon? You can do it with clip-in hair extensions. Find out how clip-in extensions work and if they can produce good result for you.
  • How To Make Every Day A Good Hair Day  By : Lee Dobbins
    Your hair can be fragile and a little bit of pampering and proper care will go a long way to making every day a good hair day.
  • Tanning Bed Parts - could be Costly if you're not Careful  By : Trevor Mulholland
    If you own a tanning bed, it is just a matter of time before you need tanning bed parts. Tanning bed parts must be routinely changed out to ensure the continued proper operation of the tanning bed. These parts can get costly if you aren't careful
  • How To Finally Lose Weight Rapidly  By : Saleem Rana
    "Who Else Wants Obesity Help to Get Rid of those Stubborn Body Fats, Lose Weight Easily, and Maintain a Healthy, Sexy Body?"
    Obesity Information May Save Your Life
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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