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  • The History of American Painters  By : Dave Poon
    Painting is one of the most interesting forms of art. It depicts life in vivid colors and speaks so much about oneself, the painter's aspirations, his surroundings, and his nation.
  • Four Things You Absolutely Need to Know before Buying an Oil Painting Reproduction  By : David De Groot
    You've decided to invest in a beautiful oil painting reproduction. You have an idea of the type of painting you'd like, but you're still unsure about making the purchase. This anxiety is normal when considering a reproduction purchase for the first time. Knowing the right questions to ask will enable you to make a wise purchase.
  • Why Get a Custom Tattoo Design Done by a Professional Tattoo Artist?  By : Sam Smith
    Thinking about getting a new tattoo? Not sure why to pay a little extra to get a custom tattoo design instead of the stock flash in your local shop? Read this article to find out why custom tattooa re the hottest trend in tattooing today.
  • A Glorious Feast of Traditional Chinese Dance  By : Benjamin Lee
    New Tang Dynasty Television’s Chinese New Year Spectacular offers a truly tantalizing variety of dance this year, featuring all-new dance troupes and drawing upon 5,000 years of history spanning a vast range of different folk traditions, from Mongolia to Tibet to the Yunnan region of China.
  • A New Music of the Orient: a Touch of the West and a Dash of the Divine  By : Benjamin Lee
    A new musical fusion has arisen in New York and it's not the kind you can catch for ten dollars at a club in the West Village. For the many thousands of Chinese immigrants trying to stay afloat in a new world and for those westerners who have always wanted to understand the Chinese but have shied away for lack of a way in--for anyone who has wondered where the two civilizations connect, the answer may lie not in words, but in music.
  • Chinese New Year Show Opens Window on Asian Subtlety  By : Benjamin Lee
    The appreciation for what is implied rather than what is in plain sight sets Asian art apart from Western art. Traditional Chinese dance, for example, is less precise and strict in form than its Western counterpart, ballet. It is because it attempts to evoke a different sort of feeling.
  • How to Create Your Own Photo Mosaics  By : Adrian Adams
    Photo mosaics are rising in popularity all over the world. You have probably seen one somewhere such as in your child's school, your local library, a medical office or elsewhere.
  • Is Graffiti An Urban Art Form?  By : Stephen Dolan
    Is graffiti art or just vandalism? Can it ever have a place in art galleries, or should it just be removed?
  • Clothes Grace the Dance  By : Georgina Hubbard
    The dazzling costumes in NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Spectacular are as much a part of each dance as the dance movements themselves. They are, in many ways, the palette on which the dance is performed. Clothes, hair, colors—this is what transports us to the Divine Land of ancient China.
  • The Divine Beauty of Traditional Chinese Culture Shines at Radio City Music Hall  By : Makina Liu
    The bilingual show explodes with the sights and sounds of ancient China, with epic tales, mythical dragons, roaring drums and beautiful dances to celebrate the Chinese New Year in a “Spectacular” way. A must see for the whole family!
  • Some Information About Renaissance Art  By : T J Madigan
    The Renaissance is widely considered by many to have been a historic age, this period of time came after the Middle Ages but before the Reformation in historic hindsight, but the Italian Renaissance of the 15th century is connected with the absorption of knowledge by Western influences.
  • Learn All the Secrets of Belly Dancing  By : Dane Stanton
    Discover everything about Belly Dancing, including history, basic outline, benefits and more.
  • Brief History of London and West End Theatre  By : Martin Davies
    A short article on the history of London Theatre and the famous London West End
  • What Do I Need to Know About Tattoos?  By : Stephen Dolan
    Have you ever wondered about a tattoo? Do you know what getting a tattoo entails, or how to find a good tattoo artist? Well we have the answers to all your tattoo questions here!
  • Welding and Metalwork: Strength And Function  By : Adrian Adams
    Welding is the process of getting metal surfaces to join together by using high heat to melt them together. Vices are often used to hold the pieces of metal until they have molded together.
  • Five Proven Art Festival Showing Strategies for Artists Selling Their Work  By : Neil Lemons
    Showing and selling your artwork at outdoor art festivals is hard work for artists, often accompanied by some expensive lessons. Here are five successful art festival showing strategies for artists that are guaranteed to increase sales and decrease your learning curve whether you are new to selling art at festivals or a seasoned art show veteran.
  • Enchanting Treasures in Wood Works  By : Karishma Roy
    Woodcraft has played its part in making the Indian handicraft fortune wealthier and inspite of many environment prevention issues the prospect of the hand crafted furniture sector in India seems positive.
  • Digital or Film Camera?  By : John Pawlett
    For many, digital photography is a breath of fresh air, but be wary - believing our landscape images will be superior could be a serious blunder.
  • Discover The Secrets To Making Model Ships That Look Like The Real Thing!  By : Jimmy Cox
    If you are looking for a new hobby or are a nautical enthusiast, you may consider making model sailboats. But how do you get started on such an endeavor? Following are things to keep in mind while you research this past time.
  • Slaying the Evil Dragon  By : Gisela Sommer
    Like the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, China has its myths and legends of dragons, some helpful and benevolent, and some not so. Of the evil variety, there’s one that’s been slain on stages around the world during the 2006 NTDTV’s Global Chinese New Year Spectaculars. The performance is called "Nine Swords," and it obviously was one of the audiences’ favorites as it receiving roaring applause.
  • NTDTV’s Global Chinese New Year Spectacular - A Gift of Healing  By : Jason Liu
    I want to share some of my reasons for sponsoring New Tang Dynasty Television’s (NTDTV) Chinese New Year Spectacular. Of course, I am Chinese, and the Chinese New Year is part of my tradition and heritage. I love the colorful costumes, beautiful music and dance depicting ancient myths and legends. It reminds me of stories from my childhood. In addition, the cause, the people involved and the performances themselves have touched me profoundly, they have a healing effect in more than one sense.
  • Aspen Is Famous For More Than Skiing  By : Michael Hehn
    Aspen is the largest city and county seat of Pitkin County, Colorado. Founded as a mining camp in the Colorado Silver Boom and named because of the abundance of aspen trees in the area, the city is now a ski resort and cultural center. But it offers as well some nice art galleries you should visit.
  • How the Paint Color Chart Impresses People That View Your Work  By : Jimmy Cox
    Experience has taught us that certain combinations of colors, whether in nature or art, affect the eye and mind agreeably, while others give offense. We call the former "harmonies," the latter "discords."
  • Chinese Ancient Traditions Revived In Global New Year Shows  By : Gisela Sommer
    NTDTV’s live Chinese New Year Spectacular is more than a thrilling and enchanting music and dance performance; it is also promoting a rebirth of ancient Chinese culture which has been destroyed after the communist takeover. Dragons, drums and dancers, along with traditional Chinese instruments and costumes faithfully recreated from old manuscripts, paintings and pottery, all evoked the grandeur of China’s great dynasties and legends of remote history.
  • The Guqin – a Chinese Musical Instrument that Helped Defeat an Army  By : Jason Huang
    The guqin, or seven-stringed zither, is China's oldest stringed instrument, and as legend has it, its sweet sounds once helped defeat an army. Now this ancient instrument experiences a modern-day renaissance. This holiday season, NTDTV’s Holiday Wonders (live at the Beacon Theater on Broadway, NYC, Dec. 19-24, 2006) brings a unique opportunity to experience the magic of traditional Chinese culture, using traditional and ancient instruments.
  • Clarinet Virtuoso Giora Feidman Performs in NTDTV’s Holiday Wonders on Broadway  By : Carol Kinderman
    The great, world famous clarinetist Giora Feidman will perform in Holiday Wonders at the Beacon Theater on Broadway; three shows, Dec. 23 and 24, 2006. Feidman has chosen to be an ambassador for NTDTV’s wonderful cross-cultural, East-West Holiday Show. Feidman called NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Spectacular, “an event that will elevate you, will elevate your sense of beauty, and it will help you to raise yourself.”
  • The Erhu - China's Haunting Two String Fiddle Comes to Broadway  By : Jason Huang
    The erhu, sometimes known in the West as the Chinese violin or Chinese two string fiddle, is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument. Ms. Qi Xiaochun will perform the erhu in Holiday Wonders at the Beacon Theater on Broadway, Dec. 19-24, and also at the 2007 NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular shows which are touring North America from Jan. to Mar. 2007.
  • Holiday Wonders on Broadway  By : Benjamin Lighthouse
    New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV) is presenting Holiday Wonders at the Beacon Theater on Broadway, Dec. 19-24. This will be the first occasion for a Chinese symphony orchestra to accompany a performance in the Beacon Theater. Audiences will experience both the splendor of Western symphony as well as traditional Chinese folk instruments such as erhu, biwa (pipa), guzheng (Chinese zither), and the Chinese flute.
  • Great Tips on Becoming an Accomplished Artist  By : Ralph Serpe
    Many people want to become an artist, yet they feel they were not "born" with the talent to do so. I personally disagree with this belief. To become an accomplished artist is just like anything else in life. It requires the correct mindset and the willingness to succeed.
  • Women As Edible Art  By : Brenda Harness
    Education is fun, but students do not always learn the lesson that's being taught. Speaking in metaphors sometimes delivers quite a different learning experience.
  • Portrait Picture of Cats Make a Perfect Gift  By : John Darby
    Make the perfect gift for a special occasion with your cats. This article will confirm the fact that you can have any kind of portrait of animals or pets painted through Portrait Kingdom without missing any detail of your bond with your cats.
  • Oil Painting: The Basics And Beyond  By : John Darby
    This article will comprise a list of basic requirements which needs to be complied before indulging in oil painting portraits. The basics and the miscellaneous, once met, will bring out the best portraits.
  • Keep That Undying Oil Painting Alive  By : John Darby
    Let those oil paintings unmark the demise of classic visual art through this article and know more about this intoxicating work of art, thereby knowing the ways how to optimize your gift-giving qualities.
  • Custom Tattoo Designs  By : Zac Parker
    Should you opt for a free design or go all out with a custom design? Right now we'll focus on custom tattoo designs, explore what they are and what the benefits of going custom are.
  • Redefine Your Space!  By : John Darby
    Portraits and still life oil paintings are highly commendable in redesigning the lifestyle of a certain person. Read through this article so you will know what and where to start for a newer yet classic you.
  • Some Of The Many Different Ways Art Is Expressed  By : Gregg Hall
    Art over the centuries has taken on many forms. From Leonardo DaVinci to Jim Morrison, art can be determined by the desire of others to enjoy a particular form. People have been collecting famous works of art for a long time.
  • Information By: Mr Financing
    Did you know the ecomony is going to get much much worse?

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